Apr 30 2017

Real Estate Photographer West Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens #israel #real #estate

#real estate photography

Real Estate Photographer West Palm Beach

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Are you a real estate agent? Let me help you sell your homes.

The importance of quality photographs cannot be overstated when selling a home. Professionally created photos can make your listing stand out from the thousands of other listings on the MLS.

A small investment in great real estate pictures can pay huge dividends at closing.

J Roy Photography is an approved photographer to Illustrated Properties

Clients Residential Commercial

Even vacant listings need to look their best to attract potential buyers. To professionally stage an empty house can cost hundreds of dollars or more, let alone delaying your time to have this listing posted to the MLS.

J Roy Photography can provide virtual staging via computer technology to add furniture and other decor to photos. As you know potential buyers review photos online while searching for their new home. Virtual staging is an economical way to showcase your listing.

Virtual staging helps the potential buyer envision what the home can look like and how each space can be used. It is important to keep it ethical, comments should be made stating that the photograph has been virtually stage in the room is actually vacant or unfurnished. You don’t want your potential buyers to be surprised when viewing your unfurnished home.

Adding furniture or pictures or other decorative items is okay, but virtually changing the appearance of the real estate itself is ethically unacceptable. The goal is to show the property in its best light, not in a false light.

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