Jul 12 2017

Real Estate Appraisers Job Description, Duties and Jobs – Part 1 #oklahoma #city #real #estate

#real estate appraiser

Basic Job Description:

Job Duties and Tasks for: Real Estate Appraisers

1) Compute final estimation of property values, taking into account such factors as depreciation, replacement costs, value comparisons of similar properties, and income potential.

2) Draw land diagrams that will be used in appraisal reports to support findings.

3) Estimate building replacement costs using building valuation manuals and professional cost estimators.

4) Evaluate land and neighborhoods where properties are situated, considering locations and trends or impending changes that could influence future values.

5) Examine the type and location of nearby services such as shopping centers, schools, parks, and other neighborhood features in order to evaluate their impact on property values.

6) Inspect properties to evaluate construction, condition, special features, and functional design, and to take property measurements.

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7) Obtain county land values and sales information about nearby properties in order to aid in establishment of property values.

8) Photograph interiors and exteriors of properties in order to assist in estimating property value, substantiate findings, and complete appraisal reports.

9) Prepare written reports that estimate property values, outline methods by which the estimations were made, and meet appraisal standards.

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10) Search public records for transactions such as sales, leases, and assessments.

11) Verify legal descriptions of properties by comparing them to county records.

12) Check building codes and zoning bylaws in order to determine any effects on the properties being appraised.

13) Examine income records and operating costs of income properties.

14) Interview persons familiar with properties and immediate surroundings, such as contractors, home owners, and realtors, in order to obtain pertinent information.

15) Testify in court as to the value of a piece of real estate property.

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