May 3 2017

Real Estate Agent Websites #real #estate #course

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Real Estate Agent Websites

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Real Estate Website

Our primary focus with real estate websites is design usability for the consumer. Sure, it might make you feel good to have a website that s pretty (not to say that ours are ugly), but the pretty part of websites isn t what makes consumers come back for more. The primary purpose of any real estate website should be to generate leads, that s why we focus on the consumer experience first and foremost which in turn drastically increases the good lead capture rate. If consumers get confused or frustrated with your real estate website (or if all they see is sales message after sales message), all the bells and whistles in the world won t make a difference.

We also want you to instantly gain credibility with consumers by presenting yourself and your real estate business as a professional outfit. Here s a link to check out our real estate website demo. General website features like colors, which items to display on the homepage and which ads to display are totally customizable.

Property Showcase Website

*subject to account restrictions currently 1GB (roughly 80,000 properly sized photos)

More Real Estate Agent Website Features

Real Estate Website Design White text on black background

Q: Is it OK to use light text on a dark background (reverse type) for my real estate website and marketing materitals?

My short answer: Never use reverse type in something you want people to read and understand.  Only use it when you want to highlight certain points or accent elements.

The Long Asnwer

I talked to David [. ]

Should I Have a Real Estate Website and a Real Estate Blog?

Q: Should I have a real estate website and a real estate blog?

I had the honor of speaking with Perrie Hayes of Hayes Marketing Communications earlier today where we were discussed best practices for real estate agent marketing and real estate agent websites. The topic of separate real estate websites and real estate blogs came [. ]

Masking Domain Names is a Mistake For SEO and Visitors

Q: My website is hosted by my company and has their URL in the address bar.  I set up domain masking so my domain name appears in the address bar then  I heard domain masking is bad for search engines.  Should I mask my domain name or forward it or what?

The short answer is no, [. ]

4 Components of Facebook Links

If you write good articles that your Facebook friends would be interested in reading, it makes sense to post them to you Facebook account.  The link feature of Facebook is very simple and straight forward with few options, but you can control the information that appears in the link.

Here s the information and how our real [. ]

Embed YouTube Videos On Real Estate Websites

If you re progressive enough to actually use YouTube for marketing your properties and services, the odds are that you re also progressive enough to have a modern website that allows you to embed YouTube videos. It s amazing how many agent websites don t allow it though. Not only do we allow it, we also think YouTube is [. ]

Integrated Foreclosure Search

Buyers looking for a deal often thing foreclosures are the way to go. Whether they end up buying one or not, they almost inevitably at least want to check them out. We ve integrated a nationwide foreclosure search from into our real estate websites to make it easy for your website visitors to [. ]

Custom Real Estate Website Forms

Forms are one of the most common way your website visitors communicate with you. Since real estate websites should be more interactive and make it easier for consumers to get the information they want, shouldn t you be able to add forms to any page you want? We think you should so we ve made it [. ]

A Fresh Look At Real Estate Lead Generation 1

If your real estate website isn t generating leads that convert to business for you, what good is it doing you?  Sure, good websites that provide useful information and add value to people s lives are effective at building your local expert image, but that shouldn t be the only thing your website does.

Your website should bring money [. ]

Real Estate Websites That Work

Real Estate Websites that work the way they ought to with social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Youtube

It s really not that complicated to make websites that work the right way with Web 2.0 social sites, but a surprisingly large number of real estate websites don t likely because they don t think you know any [. ]

Real Estate Websites Quick Home Search

Real Estate Websites with built in IDX integration. No need for you to pay for a new solution when you ve already got one through your broker.

Real Estate Websites Search Engine Results

Our premium real estate websites come with built-in search engine optimization. Every time you write a new page or post, the search engines are notified and it s added to the sitemap. It all happens automatically!

Real Estate Websites Custom Articles Pages

Whether you re looking to get more leads from your real estate website by search engine traffic or social word of mouth traffic, it s all about creating relevant content that s useful and uses the right keywords.

Relevant Content + Useful Content + Keyword Rich Content = More Traffic

More Traffic + Automated Lead Conversion = More Leads

Real Estate Websites Custom Property Pages

Use custom property templates for single property websites or for featured homes and showcase homes pages. No need to worry about html or formatting, just fill in the blanks similar to inputting a listing to your local MLS.

Real Estate Websites User Experience

Many of our website features were designed from the ground up focusing solely on user experience. We took the good features from general real estate blogs and added loads of navigation features that make sense for the consumer making navigation much easier.

Real Estate Websites by are built on the robust WordPress platform. Read more about real estate websites running on WordPress.

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