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Jul 13 2017

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West Real Estate Agency | Denton, TX

If you are considering buying a home, then you should also seriously consider having your own Buyer’s Agent to protect and represent you.

The Seller’s Agent Does Not Represent You!!

The seller’s agent represents the seller and is only required to treat you fairly. This simply means that they are not supposed to knowingly deceive you or provide you with any false or misleading information.

How Does Having a Buyer’s Agent Help You?

A Buyer s Agent must:

    Be completely loyal to you. Disclose any information that may affect your decisions. Maintain confidentiality about you and your interests. Obey your lawful instructions. Provide reasonable care and answer all of your inquiries. Be fully accountable for all entrusted funds and property.

We ve made it quick and easy to search the entire MLS with just a few clicks. You can also save time in the future by saving your searches with the specifics of what you are looking for.

We know you are busy and don t have time to constantly check our site for new listings. For this reason, we ve added an Email Alert feature that sends you new listings as they come on the market.

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