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Raj Travels Owner Jumps To Death From Bandra-Worli Sea Link In Mumbai Mobile Site #my #travel #holidays

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Raj Travels owner jumps to death from Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai

India TV Reporter | 02 Aug 2012, 16:53:25 IST

Mumbai, Aug 2: Lalit Sheth the chairman and managing director of Raj Tours and Travels, a major tour operator in the country, committed suicide by jumping off the Bandra-Worli Sea Link on Wednesday afternoon.

Sheth had been facing financial problems for the last few years because of his travel business not doing well.

Some sources reveal that Lalit Sheth told his driver that he wanted to walk down the bridge. The driver then drove to the end of the sea link to wait for him. That was the last time Sheth was seen by anyone.

Family members tried calling Sheth but found his phone was switched off. When they rang the driver, he said the businessman was due to meet him soon.

However, Sheth s son then drove to the sea link and called the police. The body was recovered from the shore. Police has also found a suicide note in his car.

Shree Raj Travels and Tours Limited founded in 1976 by Lalit Sheth is country s number 1 leisure travel company.

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