May 15 2017

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Snell SA Auto Racing, Youth and Motorcycle Helmets

SA-2010 is the current helmet standard for competitive automotive sports. The SA (Sports Application) standard includes tests for impact, penetration by projectiles, chemical resistance, fire resistance, and ease of removal. SA2010 helmets may or may not be pre-drilled for head and neck restraints. If pre-drilled they have the holes but not the M6 mounting point.

SAH-2010 is the new standard introduced for SA2010 helmets that have been pre-drilled and also have pre-installed M6 threaded holes at HANS Device mounting points.

SA-2015 Although we are currently in the calender year 2015, the Snell SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets will not be available for release until October 2015. Therefore, for the majority of the 2015 race season, the Snell SA2010 Helmets will continue to be the preferred and accepted technology for all levels of auto racing in the U.S. and Canada. The current Snell SA2010 Helmets will be allowed for competition until the year 2020 or 2025 by most tracks and sanctioning bodies.

M-2010 is the current helmet standard for use in motorcycling. Many auto racing sanctions and tracks allow the use of M rated helmets by their competitors, but keep in mind that M rated helmets are not designed for the rigors of auto racing and do not posses the fire retardant properties of an SA rated helmet. We highly recommend the use of SA rated helmets for auto racing even if an M helmet is legal in your sanction or class.

Junior/Youth Helmets SFI 24.1 rating came about in 2002 to specifically address the youth market. The stringent testing by the SFI Foundation has made it possible to provide similar protection as the Snell SA helmets with helmets designed specifically for the smaller physique of junior drivers.

The Snell Foundation establishes new helmet standards every 5 years.

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