Aug 31 2018

R H Rutkowski Insurance Inc – Erie, PA

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R H Rutkowski Insurance Inc

Phone: (814) 870-3131 | Fax: (814) 870-3248

R H Rutkowski Insurance Inc provides residents of Erie with advice and guidance to help protect assets. Visit their office at 1760 W 8th St or call (814) 870-3131 for a no obligation quote. Serving the greater Erie area and beyond.

Looking for insurance agents in Erie, PA or just trying to lower your premiums? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • R H Rutkowski Insurance Inc may be able to help you determine the insurance policy that’s right for your specific needs.
  • Erie car insurance rates are not cheap, and nobody like paying more than they have to for insurance. You can help reduce your car insurance costs by raising your deductibles, maintain a high credit score, avoid getting traffic tickets or having at-fault accidents, and drive lower-cost vehicles that are cheaper to repair than expensive imports.
  • Increased home insurance deductibles can provide significant cost savings when you own a house in Erie. You’ll be forced to pay more money from your pocket if you have an insurance claim, but if you infrequently have claims, you may save a large sum by paying higher deductibles and lower rates.
  • Longevity pays off. If you have a tendancy to jump around between insurance companies, you may be costing yourself money. Many Pennsylvania insurance companies reward insureds for staying with them over time. The longer you stay, the bigger discount you may see.

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