Aug 29 2017

QC Credit Agency – 12 Photos – Debt Relief Services – North Valley – San Jose, CA – Reviews #sear #credit #card

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Recommended Reviews

I was recommended to QC through a friend of mine, my credit was not at the best due to some late payments which I slacked back in days.  When I wanted to refinance my mortgage, I had the dent of looking at my fico score which had been dropped to mid 600s, not only these guys helped me bring it back up by 50 points in only 2 months, they also suggested the strategy of managing my finances better in future to have a better grip on dealing with such things.

I had 3 years of bad credit from collection and charged off. Everytime, I applied for credit I was denied. I had gotten tired of trying to explain what shouldn t be on the report anymore but was still showing. I was looking for a way to improve my credit and be approved when I apply.  I didn t expect the wonderful results that I got Jonny did a perfect job for my life. after 9 months he was done! He take care of everything that goes with very good credit.  I m so happy with the final outcome of his hard work and super clean report. The bonus was how easy it was to follow the plan he set up. My credit score is over 720 now. Thank you QC credit you saved me.

My New years resolution was to buy a house in 2012, with my credit it was impossible for me to apply for a loan and try to get a low interest rate.  My husband and I recently came to QC credit because we heard from a friend that it works.  At first I was kinda skeptical about it because I came from a terrible experience company  that supposedly helped me with my credit- Credit Solutions  which had screwed me up big time and that s the reason why my credit went down hill and all these court papers I had to deal with from that credit agency.

But I still want to take a risk and try QC credit because i just thought,  what the heck my credit is already bad.  How much worse can it be? My credit was 638 at the time signing up in November. It wasn t that bad but buying a house I wanted to have a higher credit score before applying.  Jonny was the person that walked and guide us through the process. He signed us up with a credit check total report where we have to pay $14.95 per month so i can log in and watch my credit score jump, plus I can log in anytime I want without my scores going down. After he looked at our credit report, he recommend us on which package is best for us or what route we can take. At that moment I really felt like there s hope and someone actually cares about my credit and not just trying to sell me the idea and just take my money.

We ended up choosing the 2nd package which was $1,300. We didn t have to pay the full amount of $1,300 when signing up. We only paid $650. The remaining balance will be collected when the whole process is complete.  Within 2 months,  I notice a 40 point jump in my credit score leaving it now (678). It was unbelievable :)  I was too excited to know that I can actually apply for a house loan now.

(I am currently in the process of house hunting, I was approved for 300k home loan, we had our dad co signed for us. So we were able to get a $400k loan).

Thank you so much QC Credit Team!  Couldn t have done it without you, I will highly recommend anyone that want to re-build their credit.

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