Aug 7 2017

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About Public Auctions

Some cheap car auctions are only for car dealers, but the general public can participate in our public auto auction. This type of auction is different from government state auto auctions and city public auto auctions. It gives everyone an equal opportunity to purchase a used vehicle at a discounted, public auto sales price.

Auto public auctions are held on a regular basis across the United States. You can find one anywhere from Los Angeles to Georgia, and many even offer on-site and online bidding options and give you the opportunity to get information about the cars in a catalog before you bid on them. This can help you to make a well-informed decision about what car to buy. Some public auctions sites even offer test drives for the cars that interest you.

You should educate yourself about public auto auctions in Georgia and how they function before actually participating in one. This will help prevent you from making regretful car buying decisions. Most public auctions do not let you return a car once you are accepted as the highest bidder, so make sure you fully understand the proper procedures and participant expectations of vehicle auction you are attending before bidding.

Buying at Public Car Auctions:

Check out our valuable tips to keep in mind when buying a vehicle at local car auctions in Georgia :

  • Browse the public auto auction catalog ahead of time to decide which cars interest you. Some Carolina local car auction sites allow you to visit in advance to look over or test drive vehicles.
  • Know the public auction sites terms and conditions. Knowing the standards can save you money and hassle in the future. Check in with the local car auction house to find out what you need to bring to the auction . if you will have to pay a buyer s premium, proper bidding protocol, the types of payments that are accepted, and whether there is a grace period or return if the car ends up to be less than advertised.
  • Run a Vehicle History Report on any vehicles in which you re interested. Make sure to double-check that the title is clean, not rebuilt or falsified. Also, check that the description the seller gave of the vehicle is accurate.
  • Make sure to arrive early. Register as a bidder, find a good seat in clear sight of the auctioneer, and inspect any vehicles you are interested in purchasing one last time.
  • Don t spend any more than what you are prepared to spend before the auto auction begins. Don t get caught in a bidding war once the auction starts.
  • If you are the highest bidder, then you will want to settle your payment with the public auto auction clerk as soon as possible. You may be at risk of breaking a legal contract and may be charged additional fees, if you don t pay in time.

Some of these tips apply only to on-site bidding, but many apply to bidding on online public car auctions. If you bid online instead of attending the Carolina public auction site. you may need to register as a bidder in advance. Print out the public auction schedule so you can plan on what vehicles to bid. Bidding on an online public auto auction website gives you the added benefit of flexibility. Make sure to research ahead of time. Like all public auctions. be careful not to get caught up in an online bidding war. Decide your limits ahead of time and don t surpass them!

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