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Sep 29 2017

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Loyola University Chicago

Find out how these honorees promote and foster diversity within Loyola’s academic community as first time recipients of the Samuel Attoh award.


The Department of Psychology is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in research, teaching, and service to students, the University, and the wider public. Review one of our research projects that highlights our connection to Chicago’s communities.

  • Loyola researchers are taking a hands-on approach to get youngsters interested in STEM fields.

  • Faculty Interview

    Could it be that experts are actually more closed-minded than their less knowledgeable peers? Loyola Psychology Professor Victor Ottati recently appeared on NPR’s Hidden Brain series to answer this question.

  • Faculty Recognition

    The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention recently awarded psychology professor Maryse Richards and her research team a million dollar grant to fund a study that could change the lives of Chicago area youth.

  • Faculty Author

    Loyola University Chicago’s James Garbarino, PhD, will give two lectures inspired by his latest book, Listening to Killers: Lessons Learned from My 20 Years As a Psychological Expert Witness in Murder Cases. which was released this month.

  • Faculty Profile

    Perla Gamez and her students could be shaping the future of bilingual education. The assistant psychology professor and several graduate and undergraduate students are working on research that seeks to improve the way teachers approach classroom instruction for English language learners.

  • Assistant professor Robert Morrison’s Psychology of Creativity course is not your typical college class. There are no traditional papers or exams, and students lead a lot of the presentations themselves. As Morrison says: “I tell my students, ‘This is your chance to do the things you always wanted to do in a college class.’ ”

  • Faculty Blog

    Read Dr. Robyn Mallett’s blog for the Loyola Social Justice Program.

  • Faculty Profile

    Loyola psychology professor, Dr. Catherine Haden, discussed her ongoing research, which focuses on parent-child interaction and building a child’s interest in STEM (Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering).

  • Research

    It was the culmination of a year of work when seniors Natalia Hajnas, Jacob Marshall, Elizabeth Esparza, and associate professor of clinical psychology Amy Bohnert, PhD, traveled to Honduras to conduct research about mental health.

  • Faculty Recognition

    Dr. Noni Gaylord-Harden recently received a 2-year grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). The purpose of the project is to examine desensitization to community violence in African American and Latino male adolescents residing in low socioeconomic, urban neighborhoods.

  • Faculty Recognition

    Congratulations to Dr. Bob Morrison, winner of the Edwin T. and Vivijeanne F. Sujack Award for Teaching Excellence, and to Dr. Becky Silton, finalist for the Sujack Award, who has been named a Master Teacher in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Faculty Recognition

    Dr. Victor Ottati has been awarded a $234,740 grant from the Fuller Theological Seminary, in concert with the John Templeton Foundation, to study the malleability of intellectual humility.

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