Dec 21 2016

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Real Estate Agencies Can Help You Buy and Sell

Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs  is one of the most majestic and liveable places anywhere in Australia, and certainly is one of the best kept secrets in Australia. It s pristine landscapes and rural setting make it a great base for those wanting to work in the city.

The Adelaide Hills is dotted with many small villages and towns, and has a few larger centers such as Stirling and Mt Barker. Traditionally a farming region, it is gradually being transformed into lifestyle and small acreages for families and those who want a tree change . Farming such as vineyards, orchards, cattle and dairy still make up a large part of the production in the Adelaide Hills.

Finding real estate agencies  is relatively easy, as many of the large multinational real estate companies have offices in the suburbs and the  hills, but there are also many small private agents. While you may find a great property and value for money with a larger agency, many times contacting a small private agent will give you a more intimate experience, and gain access to property and location information that only a small agent can provide.

When looking for property in the Adelaide Hills, there are a number of areas that a significantly different in landscape and feel. Around Mount Lofty, Stirling, Aldgate and Picadilly, you find small holdings of 2 to 5 acres, in bush type settings that are tranquil and majestic. Many business people who work in the city live in these areas, and property values are hefty in many of these areas, however it is still possible to find a gem. The towns of Stirling and Aldgate have real estate agents that can help you, and these are your best choice when looking in these areas.

 Those looking for properties suitable for hobby farms, equestrian or vineyards generally look to purchase in these areas. Still within 20 minutes to 40 minutes from the city, it s an easy commute for many people.

In Woodside, Mt Barker, Hahndorf, and Echunga, you can find smaller holdings, but also the opportunity to find 10, 20, and 40 acre parcels of house and land, and also larger rural properties up to 400 acres or more.

Mt Barker has many real estate agents who service many areas of the Adelaide Hills so this is you best place to start. Many of the smaller towns such as Woodside and Hahndorf also have multiple private property agents nd may have greater inside information for local propertys for sale. The other benefit is many of these agents personally know the owners of the properties.

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