Oct 31 2016

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Auto Painting Comments

Painter: MAACO

As a former executive with MAACO Enterprises, as well as the former owner of MAACO in Gardena and also in Corona Ca. I can tell you there are good and bad shops in the chain. While MAACO can’t make the owner turn out good quality, they have done a remarkable job of maintaining a chain that as a rule does great work at a fair price. Yes, you can pay a lot more and in some cases it is worth it. As long as you stick with either the 2 stage paint services or the polyurethane single stage, you will at least start with great material, then it is up to the shop to prep the car correctly and lay the paint down nicely, there is nothing more you can do. HOWEVER prior to leaving your car at MAACO check out the quality of finished jobs. Look for paint on the chrome, glass, undercarriage. Look for big chips and scratches that were painted over. Ask what price job you are looking at. The best place to inspect a paint job is under fluorescent lighting. All MAACO paint jobs should look very shiny and smooth, little of no texture (orange peel)

Painter: MAACO

Where to start? First you must remember that all MAACO Centers are franchised. This means simply that quality will very widely from shop to shop. It is a fact that close to 98% of MAACO franchisees had no experience in the body shop business prior to owning a MAACO.

About a gallon of Ready To Spray paint is needed on average to paint a car, outside only. The entrance level of Dupont and SW materials for a gallon of RTS material ranges between $90-140.00 at the shops cost. (does not include sealer, primer, sand paper, masking paper and tape or labor). Let’s say you pay $200.00 for a low end basic paint job. Subtract $80.00 for paint materials, approx. $60.00 for labor, $18.00 for sand paper etc. and you can see there is little money to pay any advertising fees, franchise fees, (here it would be $16.00, 8% of sales), secretary, owners and estimators salary, comp insurance, building insurance, electric and gas, telephone, hazardous removal charge.

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