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Sep 10 2017

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Presentation Skills Training Tips

Here are some presentation skills hints and tips for managers and others. To be most useful they should be used together with a good quality presentation or public speaking training course.


Your best opportunity to practise is with colleagues or friends. Try to think about who your audience is and what it is you want them to get out of a good presentation. You need to focus on both content and style. Should you be foolhardy enough to video yourself, you must get someone else to evaluate your performance; we all find it next to impossible to be objective about ourselves.


Always go into the presentation room before the event; make sure to practise any moves you have to make, for example walking from your chair to the lectern. Any mistakes you make in the first 15-20 seconds will be very disorientating.

Avoid Blue Peter syndrome

Please don’t over prepare. By which I mean don’t rehearse the whole thing right through too often. Your time will be better spent going over the opening and closing paragraphs of your presentation. Rehearse your start and your finish. Then pick a few choice bits to learn by heart.

Technical support

Best time to check the equipment is before the presentation; you need to be familiar with it before you start. PowerPoint can often seem as though it’s out to get you, so you need to make sure you’re in charge and not the PowerPoint.

Visual aids

You can use visuals to give a big picture quickly. You can show them graphics, pictures, cartoons bar charts etc; then it is your job to use words to fill in the picture. Slides with words on are always of limited value. If you have a lot of them, you may be just showing your audience your speaking notes!

Presentation Skills Articles and Further Reading

Read Presentation Skills outlining the 7 rules of good Presentation

For a practical approach to PowerPoint Presentations, read the article titled Presentation Skills PowerPoint Survival Guide

For more about making best use of eye contact during a presentation see Presentation Skills – The Power of Eye Contact


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