Oct 17 2017

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Project management professional course

PMP Certification : an overview of important facts

Anything worth obtaining in life, anything that has real value, involves a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication. People often ask why they should subject themselves to the extra hours and hard-work it would take to prepare for the PMI exam just to get a PMP Certification. Specially in the highly demanding work environment we have today. A lot of us are already working long hours, sometimes on multiple projects at the same time, leaving us with less time to spend with our family and friends.

With the current economy, there are a lesser number of jobs available and many experienced workers who will be more than willing to put in the additional hours to get a professional credential, which would make them eligible to compete for the best project management positions.

Sounds pretty competitive, doesn t it? So why would you put yourself through the extra hours? The most obvious reason according to me would be the incredible feeling you get as soon as you come out of the test center with a letter in your hands that says “Congratulations, you passed!”, knowing you achieved a goal that millions of project managers around the world dream about achieving. You ll experience a chill run down your spine, and the joy on your face could be seen from a mile away. You would want to tell everyone, “I have arrived on the scene. I passed the PMI exam!”

Project management professional course

Then off course there are the professional benefits. You ll not only be able to “talk the talk” (know a common dialect to be able to communicate with project managers all over the world, but also “walk the walk” by being able to apply standard proven techniques on projects.

Your loved ones will be happy for you because they re aware of the time and effort you put into studying for the PMI exam. Your boss and colleagues will appreciate your dedication and accomplishment. Employees that rise to the level of certification are even rewarded sometimes by their company in the form of salary increases or promotions.

The actual benefits go way beyond the initial accolades. As soon as you are a certified professional, you ll develop a newfound sense of awareness and understanding. You ll be more confident being aware of the fact that there is globally accepted standard which will guide you to achieve higher project success rates.

You can be content to know that there are thousands of project managers around the world facing the same challenges you are and often stumbling over similar obstacles and “potholes.” Your job becomes a little easier knowing that you are not alone on your project.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of a pmp certification:

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