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Oct 1 2017

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Welcome to B D Plumbing Heating by calling(763) 497-2290today!

Are you in need of a plumber or a heating and cooling technician you can trust? Want to be treated like more than just another paycheck? Work with us in the St. Michael area and this is the exact kind of treatment you’ll receive. Residents of St. Michael have been trusting us with their plumbing, heating and cooling needs since 1982, and we’ve been in business this long because of this trust. See what your neighbors have been saying about us here .

“B D worked efficiently, cleanly, and took pride in their work.”

We don’t believe that our customers’ satisfaction is due simply to the excellent jobs we do when we get plumbing or HVAC calls. To us, the customer is truly happy because of the way they are treated when one of these projects is underway. We want the client to be involved in the project, and because of this our technicians will always be able to help teach the client all that they need to know about their plumbing and HVAC systems. We also want you to have confidence that you won’t have to be worried about having to clean up after a major mess. Our workers always work clean and clean up after themselves. They take as much pride in their cleanliness as they do in their work. Work with us and see why the rest of our clients are so pleased with our services.

“As always, B D is both professional and small town friendly.”

Finding a balance between professional and friendly is a challenge for any company. When we started in 1982, our founders were working with their immediate neighbors, and the operation was being run out of their home. Now, 32 years later we’ve grown exponentially, but one thing has stayed the same; you’ll still receive the small town friendly attention that we’ve been known for since we first started. Our clients all recognize the harmonious balance we’ve found in our service, and they continue to come back for this reason. It also helps that our technicians work with such a high success rate and in a professional manner.

Call today at(763) 497-2290and see what your neighbors are talking about when they say they’ve found their go to plumber or heating and cooling technician in St. Michael, MN!

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