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#Plane websites and #Video

#Plane #websites

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Plane websites

Plane websites

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Aviation Accident History

United Airlines
Knoxville – Houston
Loss of power to computer screens.

United Airlines
Vancouver – San Francisco
Flight 618
Engine problems.

Garuda Airlines
Banda Aceh – Jeddah
Low cabin pressure.

Air Transat
Flight 942
Montreal – Fort Lauderdale
Smoke in a cargo hold.

Southwest Airlines
Flight 2541
Oakland – Las Vegas
Fumes in the cabin.

American Airlines
Flight 2163
Boston – New York
Struck a goose.

United Airlines
Baltimore – San Francisco
Flight 13
Strong odor. Seven hospitalized.

Air Canada
Vancouver – Ottowa
Flight 342
Multiple bird strikes.

DHL Cargo
Struck by lightning.

United Airlines
Flight 99
Melborne – Los Angeles
Smoke detected onboard.

Flight 5223
San Francisco – Burbank
Mechanicall issue.

Delta Airlines
Flight 2050
Milwaukee – Atlanta
Lightning strike.

British Airways
Flight 174
JFK – London
Heat detected in cargo hold.

Iran Air
Qeshm – Tehran
Belly landing, plane on fire.

American Airlines
San Francisco – New York
Lavatories became inoperative.

Air Transat
Flight 942
Montreal – Ft Lauderdale
Smoke in cargo hold.

Southwest Airlines
Flight 739
Fort Lauderdale – Denver
Possible blown nose gear tire.

United Airlines
Flight 1168
Newark – Houston
Engine failure.

Turkish Airlines
Brussels – Istanbul
Engine shut down.

United Airlines
Flight 1168
Newark – Houaron
Engine shutdown.

Ural Airlines
Flight 1116
Bahrain – Moscow
Bomb threat.

Delta Airlines
Flight 1961
Atlanta – Jacksonville
Landing gear problem.

Air France
Flight 703
Engine shut down.

Turkish Airlines
Flight 1
Istanbull – New York
Heavy turbulence, 29 people injured.

Air Transa
Flight 942
Miami – Ft. Lauderdale
False fire warning in cargo hold.

Allegiant Air
Flight 842
St. Petersburg – Syracuse
Caution light turned on.

Air China
Bejing – Los Angeles
Fire alarm triggered in baggage compartment.

Flight 706
Adelaide – Canberra
Loss of pressurization. Deployment of oxygen masks.

United Express
Flight 4933
Newark – Presque Isle
Slid off runway. Substantial damage to the aircraft.

Delta Airlines
Flight 2421
Washington D.C. – Minneapolis
Bird Strike.

Blue Air
Larnaca – Bucarest
Flap problem.

Bitman Bangladesh
Blown tire.

United Airlines
Las Vegas – Houston
Mechanical issue.

American Airlines
Los Angeles – Chicago
Smoke in the cabin.

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#Plane websites and #Video

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