Sep 23 2017

Pink Browser is a free web browser designed for girls #netsuite #web #design



Sometimes living the life on the web seems to be so male-dominating! Do you know that most of the web browsers are made by MEN and only for MEN? There by sending the needs of women out for the backburner. That�s why they seem to be so boring and hectic especially if you are a woman.

THANKS GOD � For here’s a new browser touching the feminine side of women.
Are you ready to be swept by THE PINK REVOLUTION?

Here comes PINK BROWSER that will add excitement and thrill in to your day to day browsing activities. This browser is designed keeping in mind the softer nature of women. After installing this browser and using it for few days you will acknowledge the shift in yourself, as your day to day browsing will become easier and joyful.

Still thinking. Think about Pink Browser as it will change the way you surf the Internet. More like a woman.

Using our Free Pink Browser, you can:

1. Enjoy the Internet to the maximum with a very advanced browser.

2. Meet new friends all around the world.

3. Read about things that interest you like fashion and makeup.

4. Shop online for great products and gifts.

5. Enjoy the pink atmosphere.

Read more about Pink Browser here .

Join the Pink Community!

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In our Girls Corner section, you can find interesting information that you�re going to love. Everything that you, as a girl, are interested in will be found here .

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