Oct 13 2017

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Pick a Charity

In honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are highlighting some of our child welfare charities. Click on the respective logos to learn more!

Pick a Charity Car Donation program. We represent hundreds of wonderful nonprofits nationwide. We specialize in helping small organizations that don t have big fundraising budgets. Any of these organizations would be honored to receive your generous vehicle donation.


The Center for Car Donations suggested we take this 1972 Jaguar XKE to a different level of sale venue instead of the normal auction or Craig’s list. They posted it on eBay. They carefully handled this car from beginning to end, respecting the donor, charity and eventually the buyer. The Jag was in great shape, even though the engine never did start. KIXE was very happy with the outcome and very grateful to the donor for such a generous donation. Mike Lampella KIXE

When my husband passed away in 2013, I wanted his beautiful E-type Jag to support a good cause. I really appreciate that Ch. 9 was able to arrange having it picked up and taken to auction. The north state is lucky to have an excellent public station and I am happy to help support it.
Ann Powers Ann Powers

Thank you for helping out with my 1997 Volvo 850 vehicle donation to NPR (WESA). This car was kept so that my son, George, could have a car while he was going through the rigors of cancer therapy at our VA Hospital here in Pittsburgh which was 30 minutes away from my home where he was living. The car was kept in good condition until he could no longer drive (approximately 3 weeks before he died). He loved it and enjoyed having it during his last four years of life. It was strange but, after he died the car would not start! It was the battery–even though the battery was not that old! Since George listened to NPR and relied on this station for his information everyday as I do, I decided that the car’s last journey would be to raise money for this station. The Center For Car Donation was chosen. I found that the service expedient and the driver who picked up the car courteous and kind. Center for Car Donations saved me more anguish in the end than for me to have to deal with selling the car my son so enjoyed using during his last years of life. Again, thank you for your service. I will gladly recommend CFCD to anyone who might have the need for it. Aline Shader

Daniel Novella helped me navigate through the process of donating my car to our local PBS station, KEET TV. He was patient, good-natured and had an excellent sense of humor! If I owned a business I would steal him away from your organization! Thank you Daniel and the happiest of new years to you and yours. Maureen Harrington

Using Center of Center for Car Donations was one of the easiest things I’ve done. I donated my 1994 Chrysler LeBaron to them, to help our local PBS station KEET 13. They took care off all the paper work and towing. Thanks again for making it so easy!

When I needed to find a place to donate my old car, the folks are Center for Car donations answered all my questions! I love that I can choose what charity I want to get the money from my donation. And that I can put that money here in my own community! Laurel Knight

I donated my car to WESA in Pittsburgh, PA and the Center for Car Donations made the process extremely easy and efficient! A quick phone call started the process and then after another phone call the process was complete. Thank you for making it so easy to donate my car to our local NPR station. Emilie Hoffman Delestienne

I inherited my father’s 2002 Ford Ranger truck when he died. It was a really nice little truck that he, for the first time, bought brand new off the showroom floor. It had 40,000 miles on it when we got it, and now, seven years later, it had 120,000 and an electrical problem that prevented its operation. I neither had time or patience to fix it, and it was just simply taking up space in the garage. So, as a constant listener of KUNM, I heard an advertisement for car donations and I called them. Within a week, they came and took the truck away, and I am told they will auction it soon. I know I will get an income tax form, which is really nice, but the big deal here is that I have done something in my father’s name. My father was a huge supporter, employed by, and very involved with public schools and universities in Texas. He believed very much in public radio. The people I worked with at CCD were marvelous and helped me every step of the way — everyone from Syndra, to the people on the phone, to the tow truck operator. This was easy to do and painless — except for watching the tow truck take away my father’s truck. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Dr. Melville L. Morgan for Merwin R. Morgan

My car donation process was very well handled and in a professional and friendly manner. I would highly recommend your center to anyone who wants to donate a vehicle.
Thank you for making it so easy and quick!

-Linda Stevens Linda Stevens

I had heard about vehicle donations on All Classical. When my 98 Taurus began to require more frequent trips to the garage – it had 150,000 miles on it – the idea it needed replacing began to grow. I knew the trade-in value was very low – if not non-existent – so I looked into the idea of donating the car. I got the phone number from All Classical and made the call. It may have taken 15 minutes to set the whole thing in motion. We put the snow tires in the trunk, left the music tapes in the car along with the little bottle of touch up paint and waited for someone to pick it up. Two days later the doorbell rang and the caller said I needed to sign the title – which I did and it was done. Others who had done the same thing said it was easy to do and I can only agree. I’m glad the opportunity was there to take advantage of. Mary Larson

I’m absolutely thrilled! Everyone was so efficient and timely. The auction company actually came out the same day and was so polite and friendly. I am so thrilled WCPE is going to get such a wonderful donation. I can’t think of a better place to have the money go! I thought it would get just $700 or $800 and it sold for $4300! Mae Bell

WOW. I am definitely proud of our program and our relationship. The TV spots really work – they are simple but get the job done. And I’m sure the bookmarks and eblasts help too. Here’s to a great 5 years together. You are the best and so is your team. Kelly McCarthy – Vegas PBS

We highly recommend Center For Car Donations and the car donation program for any non‐profit organization in search of an additional revenue source. Jacquie and her staff are responsive, professional, and great to work with. The Center For Car Donation program is by far the easiest means of raising funds we have ever experienced. Kent-Boys and Girls Club of South Coast

We feel so fortunate to be doing what we do in the Bay Area, where there is such generosity towards something like KALW-and to then have you handle this aspect of people’s expression of that generosity, that is even better. Annette Bistrup-KALW

I was very pleased with the simple process. I called, and they came within an hour to tow the car that I wanted to donate. The tow truck driver was friendly and helped me with the paperwork. I will definitely tell my friends about this organization. Tack

Everything went smoothly, and the center walked me through all the steps and followed up on what they said they would do. My charitable organization received a sizable sum to help their efforts. I was very satisfied. Donnie

I recently donated my 1984 Mercedes 300SD to All Classical Music. It was fast, easy to arrange, and I was able to get a nice tax break when my 30-year-old car sold for more than $500! Elizabeth

Since switching to the Center for Car Donations, our revenues doubled, then tripled, and have since climbed to around $120,000 per year. This, in the poorest state in the nation. The service Jacquie and the Center for Car Donations staff give is exceptional every week. They are absolutely wonderful to work with. Mary Oishi-KUNM 89.9 FM

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