Nov 6 2016

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Peugeot Design Lab Reveals Airbus Helicopter

The Peugeot Design Lab is home to some of the brightest design minds in the world. I don’t think anyone’s going to dispute that with the kind of innovative creations it has developed over the years. Lest we forget, PDL’s portfolio of designs already includes the Catamaran Concept and the Peugeot Food Truck, aptly named “Le Bistrot du Lion”. Now, PDL is taking its talents into the world of aviation with the presentation of the H160 civil helicopter at the 2015 Dubai Airshow.

Designed in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters, the H160 is a medium-twin helicopter that PDL worked on as a prize for winning a styling competition launched by Airbus. Though Airbus’ in-house design team was in charge of submitting the final designs of the H160, it was the Design Lab that laid the foundation. PDL accomplished this by incorporating elements from Airbus’ previous-generation Dauphin helicopter and adding its own touches to the design. The revamped nose, the biplane stabiliser, the canted tail rotor, and the Blue Edge blades are all signature features of the H160 that traces their origins to the Design Lab.

As impressive as the final design is, the fact that Airbus is actually going to build the H160 for production with the intention of launching the model in 2016 is a clear validation of the work being put in by the talented designers working in the Peugeot Design Lab. Airbus has given no indication on how much it plans to sell the production H160 for, but judging by its aggressive styling and cutting-edge technology, I wouldn’t be surprised if the price tag for the civilian chopper easily exceeds the $8.9 million base price of the Dauphin.

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