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Mar 31 2017

Pets Are Welcome – User-Friendly Renting for Pet Owners and Landlords: The Humane Society of the United States #canon #lens #rental

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Pets Are Welcome

Photo: Meredith Lee/For The HSUS

Did you know that 72 percent of American households that rent their homes have pets?

Pets are a part of nearly every community, yet renters often have trouble finding housing that welcomes their pets. In fact, problems with housing are a leading reason pets end up homeless. Some of those animals end up losing their lives.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Property owners and managers can fill unit vacancies and retain great residents by welcoming pets into their properties. Research shows that most pets do not cause any more damage to rental units than the average renter. By not renting to pet owners, property owners miss out on good residents as well as revenue. Policies that prohibit or limit pet ownership based on breed, weight or other random factors are based on myths that hurt families, don’t improve resident safety or improve the property’s value.

We want to make sure animals stay in their happy homes, and we are committed to removing housing barriers that put pets at risk. Pets Are Welcome is designed to enable people to create humane housing communities that promote sound, smart humane policies—policies that keep families together while also protecting the interests of property owners.

A true Pets Are Welcome policy recognizes that most pet owners are good residents, regardless of the breed, size or number of pets they have.

A true Pets Are Welcome policy also protects property owners’ interest in maintaining the value and safety of their housing.

We hope that the information on these pages allow you to successfully advocate the best outcome for yourself, your pets and your property.

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