Oct 12 2017

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The unimaginable loss of a loved one from wrongful death is stressful and emotional. It is difficult to make decisions during such a tragic time. We help you understand your options and next steps in the legal process of a Wrongful Death.

If you, or a loved one, was involved in a motor vehicle accident, a motorcycle accident, fire, drowning, or any serious accident resulting in death, or severe injury, call Lawrence K. Land, your local personal injury lawyer.


More than 130,000 Virginians will be involved in a car crash this year. Traffic accidents are caused by driver error, bad judgment, distraction and impairment.

Due to congestion and tourism in the areas of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk and the Eastern Shore, our roadways are especially prone to traffic accidents. If a driver was negligent and caused you serious personal injury, then you need our experienced attorney to make them pay.


Catastrophic injury is any personal injury that causes life threatening, severe or debilitating effects. Most catastrophic injury cases are best handled by a personal injury lawyer.

Common types of catastrophic injuries include spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, back injury, nerve damage, and paralysis. Other catastrophic injuries may include dog bites, trampoline accidents, Uber accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, severe burn injuries, amputations and chronic pain.


Property owners must maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. If you have been injured due to negligence of a property, you deserve compensation.

Every year, people are injured by slip and fall injuries, falling merchandise, stair collapses, parking lot injuries and injuries caused by security negligence. Our experienced Virginia injury lawyer can help you recover money for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.

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