Sep 5 2017

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Distinctly Compelling Windows

Are you wasting advertising space?

The distinctive ness and flexibility of perforated window films make these window signs a perfect medium for retail stores. Create a billboard-sized graphic on your store front window that beckons potential customers into your business with compelling curb appeal. Use window decals to display your specials and sales. Don’t waste advertising space, give us a call at (863)824-0101 or stop by our Okeechobee, Florida shop so we can show you how to use window perforations to showcase your goods and services. Don’t live in the Okeechobee, Florida area? No problem we ship nationwide.

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    Window Perforation FAQs

    How do I measure my vehicle windows? Measuring rear windows. Using a measuring tape take measurements in the following four places: Width of the top of the window: width of the bottom of the window: height at the side of the window: height in the middle of the window. If you have a rear wiper, please give us the height and placement of the wiper so it does not cover up any important information. When you order your custom rear window decal give us all four measurements, we need this information to make certain the entire graphics fits on your window and is not cut off.

    Measuring side rear windows: Using a measuring Entire width from farthest point to farthest point: Height: from middle. Since shapes of rear and side windows are different it would be helpful if you were to email a photo of your rear and side windows. Can I wash my window perforations? Yes, but please follow some simple rules: Do not use harsh chemicals, best to wash window films and decals with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Note: If you have a vehicle window decal, it is safe to go through most automatic car washes, but take care in the do-it-yourself car washes: keep the nozzle at least 12 – 16 inches away from the graphic. DO NOT USE HIGH POWERED PRESSURE WASHING ON YOUR WINDOW PERFORATIONS. DO NOT USE SCRAPERS, OR SOLVENTS. Can I install window decals myself? Yes you can apply the decals yourself, however we do not recommend you self install full store front window perforations, these installations usually take 2 professional installers. When we quote full window perforations we will include the installation cost in the quote. How do I install window decals? What you need: Soap & water for cleaning the window. — A soft, clean, lint-free cotton cloth: — A sharp straight edge razor for trimming to size: — Masking tape: — Felt-wrapped squeegee — Washable marker

    Prepare the window :Clean the window with warm soapy water and rinse throughly. Do not leave any soap residue. Warning: Do not use any chemical based window cleaners as this may react negatively with the adhesive.

    Positioning the window decal: Before removing backing material, unroll the graphic and select the position on the outside of the window. Use a washable marker to mark the spot you want the decal and use masking tape along the top edge to temporarily hold the window film in position. If applying to a split window, cut the graphic where the windows divide.

    Applying your window decal. Select the spot where you want your decal, carefully remove the backing material and gently smooth the decal using the felt wrapped squeegee starting from the middle and working either to each side, or up and down depending on the curve of the window. If air bubbles form lift the material and reapply while smoothing the out the bubbles. NOTE: Do not stretch the material

    Trimming. – Carefully trim with the razor blade the excess material around the perimeter of the window trim. Are window decals easily removed? Yes you can remove your window decals. Start from the top of the decal and peel down: remove any leftover adhesive with soapy water. If soapy water does not remove all residue, try an adhesive remover and carefully follow the instructions on the product. Can you use my artwork to create window perforations? Absolutely! High-resolution .PSD. AI. EPS, and .PDF are preferred formats for artwork. Please do not use files from a web site, they are made to look great on a monitor but since they are raster images they do not enlarge very well. It is best to send vector files for instance, Adobe Illustrator files. Vector files are scalable to any size without losing details making them perfect for enlargements. If you need assistance with file types, no worries, we’re here to help We are not located near your shop, can you still design a window perforation for us? Yes is the simple answer. Since we ship nationwide we can design your window graphics, print it and either arrange for one of our installers to come to your location, or ship you the finished window graphics. We highly recommend that you have a full store front window perforation installed by a professional. Give us a call at (863)824-0101 to discuss the services we offer to our out of area customers or send us a message. Legal stuff about automotive window perforations – a must read State and Local laws may prohibit the use of window film being installed on your vehicle. Please check your local and state regulations to verify that the use of this product is approved. This product is to be applied to the OUTSIDE of the rear window and rear side windows ONLY. This product is not to be applied to any other window of the vehicle as it may obstruct visibility and create a safety hazard. This product requires trimming with a sharp razor blade. Use extreme caution when using any sharp objects as they can cause severe injury. Take extreme care not to damage any surrounding area of the vehicle when trimming the excess. Install this product only in strict accordance with the provided instructions. Installing this product may reduce or impair visibility.

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