Aug 10 2017

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I ve been with Pemco for as long as I can remember and if there s one thing I can say about them it is that their service is on point. In my years with them, I ve experienced a home break in and had to use my insurance to cover the theft as well as a not-at-fault automobile accident. Both times Pemco offered up superior service, the kind that leaves you feeling pretty good despite being in a ugly situation. They take care of you; there s no better way to put it.

I was on the receiving end of collision, on the freeway the owner of the other vehicle took full responsibility and the state trooper filed a report. Sent us each on our ways.

A Pemco agent reached me and let me know that the claim had been filled and to give them a call.

It was uphill the entire time aftetwards.

I wasn t expecting service this awful. No professionalism, nothing was being expedited.  I had to call around my self for bodyshop quotes,  after 6 hours of footwork and phone conversation,  no thanks to Pemco claims agents, two estimates later. I was advised to go to their shop that is endorsed by Pemco to get another assesment.

I did.

After the little pile of paper work was handed to me on my way out of the door,  we ll call you later,  attitude, was given to me.

So I contact Pemco again,  and told them about the service I received.

An agent advised to return to their shop and go forward with the work. Wich I did. This auto body shop wanted to schedule me in 2 weeks later. Mean while I got a busted taillight and the muffler is  barely hanging on.

I called Pemco again. Then they started to backpedal.  And now advised me to wait for the estimate to get evaluated.

What they failed to mention,  was if I had gone through with the work order, I would have paid the difference myself out of my own pocket.

Because,  what they also failed to mention is the total loss policy. If your assessment of repair is worth more then the value of your car, wich they will let you know what the value of your car will be according to their magic chart. They write off the dollar amount to you instead.

And in this case the damage I received,  I would have ended up paying the bill, Anyhow.

It s the blind leading the blind. There not a crack whip team that I had supposed them to be by any means. If they worked harder on better communication, as they did on sounding like bingo hall announcers over the phone,  it still wouldn t change what little hope for them that i used to have. They don t know their elbow from their ***.


Auto collision recipient.

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