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Aug 8 2019

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Payday loan today

Payday Loans

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

“It was quick and convenient. I did not struggle to get the loan and I got the help I needed at the right time”

How much cash do you need?

Only takes a few mins

How much cash do you need?

Only takes a few mins


Cash when you need it most.
Reliable. Simple. Honest.

We know that you may need access to cash quickly to deal with unexpected circumstances such as car repairs, medical expenses or vet bills. This is when a payday loan comes into its own.

Applying for a loan is easy thanks to our straightforward online application process. In most cases, we can authorise loans within a few minutes providing you with the cash you need to cover any unexpected expenses. Once your application is approved we will make a fast payment into your bank account within the same working day, where you will be able to access it immediately.

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is essentially a short-term loan which can be paid back in full or in part on your next payday. Loans are available from £200 – £1000 which can be paid back in one lump sum or spread over a period up to 3 months. For more information about how payday loans work, take a look at our guide.

Payday loans are ideal for meeting unexpected emergencies such as getting your car repaired or covering medical expenses. Ideally, they should be repaid as quickly as possible, with most customers paying their loans back over a period of days or months.

We’re a direct lender & broker

As a direct lender, will provide you with a loan directly. This means you deal directly with us for all your repayments and communications cutting out the middle man. This helps to keep costs down allowing us to charge a lower interest rate and makes it easier for you to deal with your finances. However, if your application is refused for whatever reason, can also act as a broker helping you to secure a loan from one of our trusted partners.


Getting loan was quick and efficient the only thing u would suggest with the website is to put a schedule of payments been paid and what’s left so customers can keep a track on things

Nice and easy process, easy forms to fill-in and fairly quick response

I was very pleased with the service and would use them again

Quick easy and straight forward no complications in the hole process.

How it works – a step-by-step guide

Choose how much cash you want & fill in the application

Verify your loan by SMS & email

Once approved cash is transferred to your bank account in 1 lump sum

Money comes out of your bank account automatically

Why use Wizzcash?

Wizzcash is an approved direct lender and broker in the UK and has been in business for more than 12 years. During that time we have provided more than 26,000 loans to help our customers cover emergencies and other unforeseen expenses. We are registered and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. (Registration number: 673428).

Unlike other payday loans UK providers, we have made our applications process as easy and stress-free as possible. You can apply for payday loans online for amounts between £200 and £1000 with a provisional decision available within a few minutes. Once approved, we will make the payment into your account via Fast Payment so you can expect to receive the money into your account within the same working day.

We are proud to offer an honest and straightforward service. We won’t try and bamboozle you with complicated terms and conditions, we don’t charge early repayment fees and we won’t continually extend the life of your loan. We simply provide you with a loan and repayment schedule for you to follow. All credit checks are carried out in-house with loans authorised the same working day in most cases.

Following the FCA rules

As a registered member of the Financial Conduct Authority, we are bound by FCA rules which govern the use of short-term loans.

The following rules are set by the FCA which all member firms must follow:

  • Interest rates must be capped at 0.8% per day of the amount borrowed.
  • Default charges will not exceed £15 in the event that the borrower is not able to repay their loan on time.
  • • No borrower will ever have to pay back more than double the amount borrowed.

Wizzcash is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration number: 673428.

For more information about FCA rules please contact our compliance team.

Why Use a Payday Loan?

Before we jump into the benefits…

Payday loans are great for bailing you out of a sticky situation such as unforeseen medical expenses, but they are not suitable for everyone. Short-term loans should NOT be used to meet everyday living expenses or to purchase non-essential items. If you find you need a loan to cover these expenses you may be in financial difficulty and should seek advice from Money Advice Service.

Circumstances Where A Payday Loan May Help:

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