Aug 9 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is and how can I make money with Part Time Jobs? is basically a bulk data processing company and anyone can earn by doing simple data entry work for our clients on our behalf.

What type of Work From Home I can do for this site?

Its generally simple offline/online data entry work along with ad posting and form filling work.

You can earn anywhere between $.50 to $1.50 (Rs.22-69) for each processed form as below :

Online Ad Posting. $.50 to $.70 per successful ad posting

Online Form Filling. $.70-$.85 (Rs.32-40) per successful form filled

Offline/Online Data Entry. $.85-$1.50 (Rs.40-69) per successful data entry (Conversion from Pdf/Jpeg/Or other image to MS Word format Or vice versa)

Is there any necessary skills OR Qualification required to do data entry OR ad posting OR form filling work OR Work From Home Job?

Not at all. Its very easy work and ANYONE who have basic internet knowledge CAN DO this work. We also provide complete support to each of our members, so that they can easily complete the work.

Your offer seems tempting and too good to be true. Is it another Scam site?

No. We are not here to scam people. Being in business for last 4 years is not possible for any scam company.

What are the timings to do the Online Jobs? Is it full time OR part time?

There are no fix timings to do the work. You can do it anytime as per your convenience. You can work late hours, early hours or the whole day as per your wish. Its nothing like part time or full time.

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