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Aug 30 2019

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Voter Registration Application Forms

Deadline to apply to register to vote is
30 days prior to each election!

NEW : Register Online to Vote

Application Information for Individuals Applying to Register to Vote:

Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application Forms must be completed and submitted to your county voter registration office. For Butler County, that is the Butler County Bureau of Elections office at 124 West Diamond Street in Butler, PA.

Federal Voter Registration Applications must be mailed to the address provided for Pennsylvania citizens.

You can now register online to vote in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application Form
The Blank form must be printed, completed, signed, and mailed to
Butler County Elections Bureau, P.O. Box 1208 Butler, PA 16003

Download Blank Form

If you would like to have a Voter Registration form mailed to you please contact the Election Bureau office at 724-284-5308

How To Obtain a Voter Registration Application, Change of Address, Change of Party Affiliation Application or Absentee Ballot Application by E-mail:

To apply for a voter registration application and register you must:

be a citizen of the United States for at least one month before the next election;

be a resident of Pennsylvania and your election district for at least 30 days before the next election; and

be at least 18 years of age on the day of the next election

NOTE: Felons have the right to register and vote upon release from prison or penal institution.


To apply for a Butler County absentee ballot application you must:

be a register voter in Butler County;

be absent from the municipality in which you live on Election Day; or

have an illness or physical disability that prohibits you from going to the polls.

Absentee Ballot Application

Click HERE for a blank Absentee Ballot Application.

Print the form and fill it out, sign it, and mail it to the address below.

Form must be completed and signed!

This form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

Butler County Bureau of Election

Butler, PA 16003

If you would like to have a Absentee Ballot application form mailed to you please contact the Election Bureau office at 724-284-5308

The Alternative Ballot

Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act

The federal Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act of 1984 (VAA) (42 U.S.C. § 1973ee et seq.) generally requires polling places across the United States to be physically accessible to people with disabilities (i.e., individuals having a temporary or permanent physical disability) for all Federal elections. Where no accessible location is available to serve as a polling place, a county must provide an alternate means of casting a ballot on the day of the election.

Where the Secretary of the Commonwealth has determined that all potential polling places have been surveyed, no accessible place is available for an election district, and the county has been unable to make one temporarily accessible in the area involved, a voter assigned to an inaccessible polling place who has a disability or is elderly (i.e., is age 65 or older), upon advance request of the voter, must be provided with an alternative means for casting a ballot on the day of the election.

To assure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Secretary of the Commonwealth has determined that the procedures established under the VAA should be used in all elections, including purely State and local elections.

For those voters who have a disability or are elderly and assigned to an inaccessible polling place, the Secretary of the Commonwealth has directed the county boards of elections to make available to those voters, upon their request, an Alternative Ballot. While an Absentee Ballot must be received at the county board of elections by 5 p.m. on the Friday before a primary or election, an Alternative Ballot may be cast with the county board of elections by 8 p.m. (or the close of polls) on Election Day. The prescribed form by which an eligible voter might apply for an Alternative Ballot is available by:

Contacting your county board of elections by using the County Information link to the left.

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