Aug 13 2017

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There is an optional 9v flood alarm available from another vendor that can be installed by simply unscrewing and removing the original 4 cap on top of the Mainline 4963 Fullport Backwater Valve and replacing it with this modified waterproof cap that contains sensors,

A wire runs from the new sensor equipped cap to a 9V battery powered flood alarm box. The box emits a loud, shrill tone to alert you when your Backwater Valve is in active and protecting you from a sewer line backup. and touches the contacts within the Water Sensor, the alarm sounds.

Measurements, Specifications and IAPMO Certifications

Mainline Fullport Backwater Valves offer the right solution for your sewer backup problems. SPECIAL OFFER: Mainline Backwater Valve Combo with Access Box ($89.00 value if purchased separately) Valves without Access Box are also available with a slight shipping discount in the price.

Protect Your Home with a Backwater Valve

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Be sure to check with the plumbing authority in the municipality in which your valve is to be installed to insure that your installation is in compliance with local code, and be sure have your valve inspected by your local plumbing inspector after installation. Inspect your valve frequently; the Backwater Valve through its clear plastic housing top, and the Adapt-A-Valve, by removing the gate cassette.

Pipe end-to-end, the Adapt-A-Valve takes up 6 of run in your line and the outlet is 1-1/2 LOWER than the inlet, so in just 6 the level of the pipe at the outlet side needs to be 1-1/2 lower.

Pipe end-to-end, the Backwater Valve takes up 12 of run in your line and the outlet is 3/4 LOWER than the inlet, so in just 12 the level of the pipe at the outlet side needs to be 3/4 lower.

Depending upon the amount of slope in your line (2% minimum is required for proper operation), you may need to replace several feet of pipe downstream from the valve to average out this loss of fall.

NOTE: New Straight-Fit and ML-FR4 require less slope. (refer to detail pages for these products)

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