Apr 14 2018

Orange County DUI Attorney

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Criminal Justice Attorney With Over 38 Years Of Experience Regarding DUI Defense

  • Attorney Todd Landgren has represented over 3,000 individuals accused of driving under the influence, making his practice one of the most qualified law firms in Southern California.
  • He has been deemed as a top DUI defense lawyer in Orange County.
  • As evidenced by many reviews, Attorney Landgren and his law firm have earned a reputation as being honest yet aggressive amongst clients and fellow attorneys alike.
  • Attorney Landgren is regarded as one of the best, award winning lawyers in Orange County, CA, focusing on DUI defense.

Todd Landgren is considered by many fellow lawyers to be the finest Orange County Driving Under Influence Attorney. With a long list of not guilty verdicts and hundreds of cases bargained down to lesser offenses, he is well recognized in the Orange County legal community as the Go to Guy for DUI s.

Mr. Landgren s 38 years of experience handling over three thousand DUI cases makes him one of the most seasoned and successful Orange County Attorneys specializing in drunk driving defense. He prides himself in his extensive knowledge of the legal and technological advances in DUI defense tactics. He has lectured to many State and National Forensic Associations on the subject of DUI defense techniques and is often consulted by other lawyers to assist them in the defense of their clients.

A Graduate of University of California, Hastings College of the Law, Todd Landgren has practiced exclusively in the Orange County area. A Specialist member of the California DUI Lawyers Association, Mr. Landgren is committed to honest and aggressive representation of individuals charged with drunk driving offenses, both misdemeanor and felony.


If you are charged with DUI, you should be represented by an attorney who focuses exclusively on DUI defense. The law and science involved in DUI cases today is quite complex, so you must locate an attorney with extensive knowledge of DUI law and substantial experience representing DUI defendants. You also need a lawyer with a good reputation, someone who operates ethically and professionally, an attorney with a record of success. Finally, you must locate a lawyer who gives you confidence, someone you can trust. Start by watching this video, “How to Shop for A DUI Attorney,” and then learn more about Orange County Driving Under Influence attorney Todd Landgren, who has 38 years of legal experience and who has handled over three thousand DUI cases in southern California.

The Best Orange County Driving Under Influence Attorney

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with a DUI, you need an experienced Orange County Driving Under Influence attorney that will provide personal attention, without misleading hype or false promises. You need an experienced Orange County Driving While Intoxicated attorney to handle your case. Call Todd Landgren today at 949-752-1122 for a free consultation.

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