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Oracle recover with missing redo log

Question: I have a datafile that says it is in need to media recovery:

ORA-00279 change xxxxxx generated at needed for thread
ORA-00289 suggestion C:|oracle\ora92\rdbms\arc0611.001
ORA-00280: change xxxxxx for thread 1 is in sequence #6611
Specify log:

Yet when I do a recover database command I no longer have the archived redo log file because I deleted the redo log. How do I recover the remaining data in the data file?

Answer: Oracle provides the redo logs to enable roll-forward operations, and proper mirroring of redo log files is an Oracle best practice.

If you do not have the required archived redo log files to recover your database, you will probably be fired for cause, but in case your job is spared, you need to consider the problem of lost redo log files.

Because the archived redo log file is missing, you will not be able to use crash recovery recover database command to synchronize the tablespace. Your only other options are:

Try to find the archived redo log file in an earlier OS-level backup of the archived redo log directory. Restore the missing archived redo log and you will be able to perform a roll-forward media recovery.

Restore from an earlier cold backup, where you have the redo logs to successfully roll forward.

Work with Oracle technical support to recover the database. See MOSC note 177866.1 for details on recovering with missing redo logs. There are special techniques and parameters to bypass SCN corruption for partial data recovery.

Do a partial roll forward with recover until time up to the point where the missing redo happens:


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