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Jul 29 2019

#Online travel packages * #Video

#Online #travel #packages

#Online travel packages * #Video, REMMONT.COM

Online travel packages

Best Travel Sites

Updated on 02/18/2019

Millions of travelers are taking advantage of travel sites to book trips. Travel sites offer discounts, price guarantees and travel guides that can help all travelers book with confidence. You may find that you can get the best deal by visiting multiple sites, or you might find one site that has all the options you need.

Compare Top Travel Site Reviews

With a focus on interface design, strives to offer travelers the most intuitive online travel services available. Their easy-to-navigate website makes booking hotels, airfare and rental cars quick and easy. Find out more

CheapOair is a simple-to-use vacation planner that includes search engines for hotels, flights, car rentals and package deals. The system automatically compares costs from several companies to find the very best deal. Find out more is a website that helps travelers find discounted rooms in hotels, villas and apartments around the world. Members can place and cancel reservations through the site instead of contacting hotels directly.

Expedia is an online travel agency founded by Microsoft in 2001. The site helps people find and schedule diverse travel services, including car rentals, flights and hotels. It also recommends activities in destination cities. is a travel website where people can search for flights, hotels, cars and vacation packages online, with many of the services offered at discounted prices. The site has featured deals within set price ranges. Find out more

Priceline is a website that helps people find travel deals offered by other travel companies, including hotels, airlines and cruise lines. Priceline users can create their own vacation packages by combining services.

Founded in 2008, Airbnb helps travelers find affordable, unique accommodations around the world. You can book or list a stay online or through the Airbnb mobile app. You can also book experiences like tours and activities. is an online travel agency that specializes in helping people find and book reservations at hotels, condos, bed and breakfasts and more. The company was founded in 1991 and joined Expedia Inc. in 2002.

With more than 250 million reviews about over 5.2 million restaurants, attractions and accommodations worldwide, combines information from hundreds of websites to offer the best hotel prices available.

With Tours4Fun, you can search any destination in the Americas, Europe or Australia and find a complete list of travel tours that include your chosen city. Fine-tune your search with preferences like walking or biking. Find out more

What features should you look for in a travel site?

Travel discounts

Travel sites often offer discounts to attract more customers. Investigate these common options to make travel services affordable.

Booking services

Many travel sites partner with airlines, hotels, rental car agencies and other companies so customers can book all the services they need in one place.

Travel guides

Guides published by travel sites can help you choose destinations and activities that will make your trip more enjoyable. Some travel guides may match your needs more than others.

Price guarantees

It can be hard to commit to one website when you know how many deals are out there and how often they change. That’s why many travel sites offer price guarantees.

  • Price matches: Price match guarantees ensure that you will get the lowest possible price even if another company has a cheaper offer. For instance, a site may lower its price if members find cheaper options from other companies.
  • Refunds: If you have already paid for your travel services, then many sites will issue refunds to match another company’s price.
  • Rebates: Some travel websites will give you rebates that you can use on future services.
  • Payments: When you find a lower offer, some travel sites will pay you a small fee in addition to matching the competitor’s price.


Convenience is one of the most important features that a travel site can offer. The specific features that you get, however, will vary among companies.

Mobile apps

Many travel sites have developed mobile apps that give travelers secure access to their online accounts. Look for companies that offer these and download the apps before going on your trip.

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