Jun 25 2017

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Why you need Travel Insurance

An emergency abroad can be extremely expensive. If you have a problem abroad and need to be returned to the UK it could cost you thousands of pounds, unless you are adequately insured.

Relying on your credit card accident cover, home contents insurance, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or private health cover is often not enough and remember don’t bank on the British Embassy or High Commission helping as they will not cover these bills.

35-45,000 – average cost of an air ambulance from Boston in the USA

12-16,000 – average cost of an air ambulance from the Canary Islands

15-20,000 – average cost of a scheduled flight, stretcher and doctor escort from West Coast of Australia

What your travel insurance policy should cover

Medical and health cover for an injury or sudden illness or death abroad

24-hour emergency service and assistance services

Personal liability cover in case you re sued for causing accident to a person or their property

Cover to replace lost and stolen possessions

Cancellation and curtailment cover

Extra cover for activities that are commonly excluded from standard policies, such as skiing or extreme sports

The policy should cover the whole time that you re away. Multi-trip policies may specify a maximum number of days travel.

Personal accident cover

Legal expenses cover

Financial protection if your airline goes bankrupt before or during your trip

Travel insurance buying tips

Cheaper policies will usually have less cover for some the price seems most important, but is it worth the initial saving? Our site provides a quote with everything and which then can be tailored. We don’t work the other way round and potentially leave you exposed.

Consider annual multi-trip insurance if you make several trips a year you ll save time and money.

If travelling within the European Economic Area you will need an EHIC as well as travel insurance as this will reduce on a medical claim down to zero for emergency hospital treatment.

Holiday cancellation and abandonment

A good travel insurance policy will also need to cover you for cancelling or cutting a trip short because of:



Family bereavement

Look as well for in a travel insurance policy

Personal liability insurance

Personal accident cover disability and death

Travel insurance can cover a personal accident payment made for permanent disability or death.

Cover for stolen, lost or damaged possessions

Limits for single items such as cameras and jewellery can vary from as little as 250 up to 1000 or more. Check these limits are adequate and realistic. You should report a loss to the Police within 24 hours. Proof of notification will be required when you make your claim.

All insurance policies say that you must take care of your belongings at all times. If you don t, the policy may not pay out.

Take as much care of your property as if it were uninsured.

Lost baggage on flights

Do not rely on compensation from an airline if it loses your luggage. By law, airlines only have to pay a specified minimum value per kilo of lost luggage. This is unlikely to cover the full value of your things.

Legal expenses cover

Extra sporting Activities

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