Sep 9 2017

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Online Retailer Insurance

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The amount of online retailers selling products to consumers has exploded over the last ten years as more and more people have gained access to the internet. These sites sell everything from clothes to food, to electronics and everything in between. In many ways, an online business is less fraught with risk than traditional shops. However, they still need to have at least a minimal amount of commercial insurance for protection from unforeseen circumstances and events. If you are the owner of an online retail shop, you should search for a business policy that best suits your needs.

General Liability Policy

General Liability Insurance Includes:
  • Premises Liability – Included in your general liability insurance policy is coverage for your business premises. If anyone is injured in your office or experiences damage to their personal property, then this part of your policy will ensure that the resulting costs are mitigated.
  • Products Liability – The products liability portion of commercial insurance is extremely important for online retailers. Your business is selling products and you are liable for them. If a product that you sell causes illness or harm to a customer, your products liability coverage will help you. It will pay for expenses incurred by a faulty product and any costs from law suits.
  • Completed Operations – After a customer purchases items from your online retail shop, they may claim injury or harm from your products or services after the set warranty or guarantee period. Your completed operations coverage will cover your business in this event. This part of your commercial business insurance will cover you both financially and legally through the claims process.

Business Owners Insurance

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