Aug 29 2017

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Online PhD Nursing Program

  • 90 Credits
  • 3+ Years to Complete (Depends on BSN to PhD or MS to PhD)
  • Online with Face-to-Face Intensives
  • Live Web Classes and/or Recorded Lectures
  • 1 to 2 Intensive Experiences Held Yearly on UND Campus or at Regional Nursing Conference
  • In-State Tuition Regardless of Residency

UND College of Nursing Professional Disciplines’ PhD in Nursing distance degree program prepares you for a career as an independent researcher and faculty member, with a research emphasis on the nursing care of vulnerable and diverse populations.

Education in nursing at the doctoral level prepares advanced nurse clinicians to become nurse scientists. Throughout the doctoral program, you will:

  • discover, understand and critically evaluate the literature in nursing and related fields
  • apply appropriate principles and procedures to the recognition, evaluation, interpretation, and understanding of issues and problems at the forefront of nursing knowledge

In a combination of online courses and intensive experiences, you will learn to:

  • synthesize and critically evaluate the literature of nursing and related fields to identify issues and critical gaps in scientific nursing knowledge
  • make significant original contributions to scientific nursing knowledge through the interdisciplinary and independent conduct of basic and clinical research
  • contribute to the development of scientific methodology for nursing research congruent with the broad concerns of the discipline (physiological, biobehavioral, spiritual and psychosocial)
  • complete research and direct application of findings in an environment characterized by commitment to high standards of ethical conduct, including, truth, honesty, freedom of inquiry and intellectual autonomy
  • display readiness for post-doctoral study and early research program development through recognition of high achievement in research and scholarship
  • develop and assume roles that facilitate discovery, application and integration of new nursing knowledge

The PhD in Nursing program is designed with both post-bachelor’s and post-master’s entry points. In addition, if you have your bachelor’s degree in nursing, but have a master’s degree in another field, you will be eligible for advanced placement in the program.

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