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Unbelievable, they charged me for the insurance which i didnt add on. And COULDNT SHOW ANY PROOF OF INSURANCE PURCHASE

Tried to tell them that i didnt add it. The latest itinerary was emailed on 15 March, the insurance was still appeared as recommendation.

They showed me their record of debiting my card for insurance on the 17MARCH which proved NOTHING as it just their system record.
The most ridiculous thing is, i CANCELLED my booking on 17 March so how could i add insurance on the same day as their record of debiting money from my card.

IN CASE I DID add insurance on 17 March, i believed OneTravel might have sent me an email. But only cancellation emails sent on that day.

The reprentative who chatted with me stopped without any reason when i asked for itinerary showed clearly insurance was added on.

I believed One Travel tried to take money from me in that way. So disappointed

This website is absolute trash. Their customer service is absolutely terrible.
I booked a flight on the 23rd of December, and received a confirmation booking number, which I took a screenshot of and I thought I was done.

I thought everything was good to go, and I could breathe easy over the holidays.
I come back from the holidays to an email on the 3rd where I am informed that my booking “could not complete and needed a reentering of information”. I do so, and find out that my flight went from $214 to $375.

I called the next day to get my fare back, and was informed that there was “nothing they could do” because fares are “subject to change.”

When I called, they also tried telling me that my card was declined due to insufficient funds (which was BS- I had just paid my credit card to zero, as I do monthly), and when I spoke to a manager, SHE tried to tell me it was because I entered my expiry date incorrectly.
Now, they did call me later on the 23rd to inform me that there was a problem with my card, but I never received that message due to the holidays and I was heading out of town. So, I give them that credit.
But, them trying to lie to me and tell me it was my fault or my credit card’s fault (called Mastercard, they never got a charge from Onetravel nor rejected any) and not taking any responsibility is unacceptable.
Trash customer service and a BS website.

if there was a problem with my credit card, I never would have gotten a confirmation booking number.

Will never use this website again.

I will never use One Travel AGAIN. I book a flight and hotel combo and had issues paying , my card keep getting declined, even when I tried to go through Paypal.. My bank flagged the site for possibly being fraud activity ( was sent an email). Never had this issue with Expedia. Had to call bank.. thought the reservation issue was resolved but only the flight was paid not the hotel too.. YET they sent me a itinerary making it all seem resolved.. Only to get an email the next days saying my hotel reservation had been canceled due to declined payment AGAIN!! I scrambled called and paid using the same card with an operator. My first time experience was aggravating , not good and I do not plan to use site again.

In addition there is this moronic airline agent called OneTravel, who sent me to wrong city, I told them for weeks I want to go to Leon Mexico. Damn lady keeps saying Monterrey. WTF. She dont get it. LEON MX. So now she convinced me I’m dumb. It’s the name like JFK. I arrive in Dallas. I have to buy new ticket. Cost 700$ US and credit card did not work even though I paid it off. And a hotel $100, and this is true cab driver kidnaped me to the Mexican border. It’s true. Look 800 complaints, they played the recording and I do say Monterrey. “Listen ** I dont want to got to ** Monterrey.”

In addition there is this moronic airline agent called OneTravel, who sent me to wrong city, I told them for weeks I want to go to Leon Mexico. Damn lady keeps saying Monterrey. WTF. She dont get it. LEON MX. So now she convinced me I’m dumb. It’s the name like JFK. I arrive in Dallas. I have to buy new ticket. Cost 700$ US and credit card did not work even though I paid it off. And a hotel $100, and this is true cab driver kidnaped me to the Mexican border. It’s true. Look 800 complaints, they played the recording and I do say Monterrey. “Listen ** I dont want to got to ** Monterrey.”

I book a flight very early (3 months ago) and then when my flight is almost for two weeks suddenly they change and only I knew on the airline website that it was change. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE.

DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR TRAVEL THROUGH ONE TRAVEL, CHEAPOAIR or any affiant. About a year ago I purchased a ticket through ONE TRAVEL to go home to Dominica via San Juan however, 4 days after purchasing this ticket Hurricane Maria a CAT 5 hurricane hit both Dominica and San Juan, the destruction to both countries completely imaginable! I reached out to ONE TRAVEL the very next day to explain the situation and to ask for a refund which they responded that the ticket was nonrefundable, they didn’t care or acknowledge the natural disaster! They didn’t offer me a credit, they didn’t apologize, they expressed no sympathy for what my family and I were going through. I asked to speak with a manager and I was hung up on. I then decided to call my bank and asked if I was able to charge back this purchase due to the circumstances and they were willing to assist. THEN I received a VERY NASTY call from a claim specialist from ONE TRAVEL. I explained the situation almost in tears as this was truly a devastating experience for my family and I and without even apologizing she begins to tell me how I am going to lose this charge back because they see no proof or evidence and this purchase is non refundable. I pleaded with her, told her I have no home to go to, she’s not even giving me a second option she’s just flat out telling me I have to keep this ticket. I found it extremely insensitive and rude what she was saying to me. I then wrote ONE TRAVEL a very lengthy complaint to which a manager called me back and offered me a partial credit, partial refund. Well that was too good to be true I should have just ATE the credit because here I am again dealing with once again HORRIBLE customer service. I called and rebook my ticket to Dominica a year later using my credit, I received a *ticket confirmed* email and even paid an additional $180 fee to make up the amount and get everything booked. Fast forward to the day I am returning from my trip Oct 30, I get to the airport only to discover that there is no seat for me on the flight due to my ticket never being paid for. When I asked the ticket agent to elaborate he tells me that my ticket was never paid for by ONE TRAVEL and was therefore cancelled. I immediate pick up the phone and call ONE TRAVEL, after going back and forth with an incompetent agent who could not find my booking I finally got a manager on the phone who was able to find it immediately. He then proceeds to tell me the reason my ticket was not booked was because my credit expired so no ticket could be booked with it “huh?” I had confirmation emails and great email proof that I had a booked ticket even though he said he sees no such emails in the systems. I then proceed to read the emails to him to which he responds “ohhh I see them now” This went on for about an hour all while I am standing in the airport, my flight is now on the ground and now the ticket agent is holding the flight while ONE TRAVEL figures it out. The agent held the flight for 30 mins and when he couldn’t hold it anymore he stated that he could get me on the flight to Antigua but the flight to San Juan was full because my seat was never held by ONE TRAVEL. If I missed this flight the next flight out wouldn’t be for another week. I needed to get off the island so I paid $340.66 to get out of Dominica. When I got to Antigua the flight to San Juan was off course full and they advised me that the only thing they could do is send me back to Dominica, not happening. I then had to purchase a ticket from Antigua to Miami for $648.93. I AM ANNOYED. When you book and pay for a ticket the last thing that you expect is to show up to an airport and not have one. I get back to the US and immediately call ONE TRAVEL to explain the situation, right away they let me know that this has been sent to a manager and that they need me to allow 72 hours to investigate.. that 72 hours lead to 5 different managers, now going on 35 DAYS. Everytime I call I have to speak with a different manager, explain the case all over again, then I am asked for more time. Finally a manager called me back and said that they would be willing to refund me $340.66 but not the rest because the airline booked me on a full flight.. ITS BETTER THAN THE FLY YOU COMPLETELY DID NOT BOOK ME ON. This isn’t my fault, its not the airlines fault.. IT YOUR FAULT and I would like to be reimbursed. Such an inconvenience, and unnecessary stress when travelling. People give their money to you and trust you for a service and you let them down this way it isn’t cool. 35 DAYS LATER ALL THIS STRESS AND I STILL CANNOT GET AN INCH OF CUSTOMER SERVICE OR SOMEONE TO SYMPATHIES WITH ME ON THIS AND DO THE RIGHT THING! You should be ashamed of yourself as a company and a brand and stop stealing your customer’s money.

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