Sep 22 2017

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# Learn to view Social Security Statement online

Would you like to get an updated Social Security statement. How can you check possible errors without Social Security statement? Now, an easiest way, Social Security statement website is available to get an updated Social Security statement. This website offers estimations of the retirement and disability benefits that you can get, approximate profits that your family can obtain when you get Social Security or pass away, expected Social Security and Medicare taxes that you have paid, and a list of your lifetime income as per Social Security’s records. In addition to this, it also provides information about eligibility and registration for Medicare as well Social Security for everyone plus things to think for your retirement at the age of 55 year and older.

Once a year, Social Security statements were sent to people in mail by government. Mailing of paper statements was discontinued by the Social Security Administration in early year 2011 in a price cutting move and to save more than $70 million per annum. However, Social Security Administration started mailing statements to workers, who are reached at the age of 60 year or older and already not getting Social Security benefits. Workers, who reached at age of 25 will also get statement in mail. A new SSA website was started in May to replace the paper statements. People are enabled to access their Social Security statement online with the help of this website.

As per Kia Green of the SSA s press office, an innovative online statement from the Social Security Administration is the most excellent way to keep track of your Social Security information. People can not see their Social Security Statement but also get a printable version of your Social Security Statement. If you are thinking about the requirement of your Social Security Statement, then keep in mind that you can check the errors. Your one error will make your earning less so make sure to provide exact earning totals. If you see that your earnings are incorrect, then you can report the error by calling at 1-800-772-1213.

You can also see your historical earnings/overview of your earnings in your Social Security Statements. This website offers you idea about benefits that you will get in your retirement. You need to remember that your earnings are based on the top highest-earning of 35 years. Your no earning years will be issued as zero years. You can raise your profit by replacing your zero years with your longer working. If you want to receive your Social Security Statement online, then you need to create my Social Security account. After creating an account, you can see your Social Security Statement any time.

Visit and click on the Get Your Social Security Statement Online link that seems on the left side of the home page. Create an account by providing your required information such as your Social Security number, mailing address, name and age, and secure username and password. You need to answer many security questions to confirm your identity, including some information included on your Experian credit report. After registration, you can login with your secure username and password and observe estimates for retirement, disability and survivors profits.

The procedure to retrieve your Social Security statement online is very simple. You can check your online statement once a year but if your earnings information is inaccurate, you can not get the sanctioned profits. If you have any problem regarding to your identity, then you can ask for a paper statement or go to a Social Security office for help in starting an online account. You need not to worry about the security of your information as this website keeps your personal Social Security information confidential.

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