Aug 7 2017

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NTUC Income was the first insurance company that I got contact with, and has since been one of the companies that I would considered for purchasing insurance.

People might asked why NTUC? They are just a co-operative insurance, how can their bonuses be more and better as compared to others since their commission to the advisors are lesser than the outside competitors. They are just a supermarket place.

Hmm. but isn’t that precisely the point. Why are there still advisors working with them, especially the mature ones, if their commission is not as good. Everyone wants to earn more right? I had talked to a few different agencies before. For those advisors who are young and in the sector, the feel that they give me is also one of sales pitching. They always appeared more interested to sell you a product to get more money, than to see you a coverage beneficial to oneself. And who can blame them?

But for NTUC, i feel their sincerity as they approached their business by seeking a proper plan for their customers. It is precisely this passion of them that drives them to continue in this business although commission is lower and there are still in the same line for such a long time.

Would you want a long term relationship with your advisor, or one that sells you a plan and then disappear from the service in a years time.

Reviewed by David Tan on October 25, 2012

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