May 13 2018

No Medical Exam Quotes

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes

Here’s the big problem with life insurance:

The Medical Exam!

Unfortunately, most companies require you undergo a medical exam before approving your life insurance coverage and putting it in-force. It’s not uncommon for a fully underwritten term policy(what most people have) to take 6 to 8 weeks from application to approval. That’s a long time to sit and wait!

The approval process typically takes this long because of hold-ups related to the exam. This process starts once you fill out and complete your application for coverage.

Once the application is processed, a medical examiner will schedule a time to come to your home or work to examine your overall health. We ve found that most people dread this physical and will put off coverage for years!

Just imagine the hassles of traditional term coverage:

  • Schedule a medical exam
  • Take time out of your busy schedule
  • Provide a urine sample

Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

But. there’s a n easier way. Policies that don’t require a physical allows you to get coverage in place without getting the headaches and hassles. You can typically have coverage in place within 24-48 hours. The process can be completed entirely online with an electronic signature.

Life Insurance Without The Exam is Perfect if You:

  • Want to eliminate the hassles of scheduling a physical
  • Don’t have time to take the examination
  • Hate giving blood and peeing in a cup
  • Need a quick policy decision. it can be in place the same day you apply for coverage!
  • Concerned about the possibility of a new medical condition being uncovered with a check-up

eFalcon Life is the expert in No Medical Exam Life Insurance in North Carolina. We only represent the best companies (over 10 different companies) that allow you to apply completely online with an electronic signature.

It’s the fastest way to get coverage in place.

and it’s HASSLE-FREE!

View Premiums for a Policy with No Physical

Information about Online Quotes for Coverage

Based on countless conversations we ve had with hundreds of people, we ve found the hassles of underwriting holds so many back from getting a policy to protect their family.

Unfortunately, the process for approval on a fully underwritten policy takes week (if not months) before a policy is issued.

We live in a world of instant gratification, where people prefer to get things done immediately.

With insurance coverage that does not require a physical, you can have a policy in place the same day that you apply. It s fast and you don t have to worry about taking a blood test or urine sample to get coverage.

Included below are few reasons for coverage without a physical:

You Should Consider a No Exam Policy If You:
  • Buy Life Insurance Online with No Exam Requirements. Are you looking for a term life insurance no medical exam online quote? We make the buying process hassle-free! Compare online no medical exam quotes from you computer then apply completely online with an electronic signature. Because no physical is required for approval, underwriting guidelines are more restrictive. If you have high risk medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and certain medications we can help you obtain coverage without taking a physical. We specialize in no medical exam life insurance for diabetics and no exam policies for smokers.
  • Get a Fast Policy Decision. Would you like instant coverage? It can be approved as fast as the same day you apply for coverage. This is a policy with no medical examination and limited health questions. If you’re looking for life insurance with no physical examination and no health questions. Although we think permanent insurance is expensive. we also provide those quotes if wanted for different types of no medical exam life insurance .
  • Possibility of New Illness. Have you not visited a Doctor recently? This is a good option if there is a new illness possibility. We often recommend that you get a no exam life insurance policy in place first, then you can purchase a fully underwritten policy later. This protects you from being declined on your application. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for 100k ($100,000) or up to 500k ($500,000) in death benefit, we can provide you coverage for a 5 year term, 10 year term, 15 year term, 20 year term, 25 year term or even 30 year term no med policy!
  • The cheap coverage without physical. Are you worried about the cost of a policy? We work with over 10 of the best no exam life insurance companies so you can obtain coverage from a top-rated company and get affordable rates that require no physical examination! These companies provide the top term non med life insurance coverage. Our site lets you easily compare online rates for free!
  • Compare free quotes for coverage. Would you like to compare the cost of no exam vs. fully underwritten term? We provide you with free no physical required quotes and traditional term life insurance quotes so you can compare the increased cost vs. the headache of going through underwriting. We’ve found that most people prefer to pay a little bit more for the convenience of no exam policies.
  • Quotes for Senior No Medical Exam Life Insurance. Are you looking for life insurance with no medical exam for seniors? Life insurance without a physical for seniors is a great option for those age 50 to 85 looking for fast and affordable coverage. We can provide a senior whole life insurance online quote for free. It doesn’t matter if you’re over 50 or over 65 or over 80 or even looking for coverage for you’re parents with no med examination–we provide senior life insurance quotes online for free!

Just remember that buying protection doesn t have to be a huge inconvenience in your life. You can take action now and get the coverage in place to protect your family without a blood test or exam! We work with over 10 of the top non-medical insurance companies and will help you find affordable rates on premiums.

Here an overview of our online quotes process:

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