Aug 13 2017

No Credit Check Auto Sales – Car Dealers – Fremont, CA – Reviews – Photos #credit #card #apply

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I found a used BMW that I was interested in at No Credit Check Auto Sales, so I decided to drop by the dealership and test drive the car. The first thing that I should mention is that they prefer that you contact them before showing up at the dealership. The second is that this lot works with those who have ANY kind of credit (even horrible). That being said, you are going to pay extremely high interest rates (which is not the dealership s problem-though they will help you get financing if you have a significant downpayment). None of this was a surprise, so I am not bothered by it in the least.

In the end, I did purchase the BMW and have it inspected by my mechanic (who gave it a clean bill of health). A couple of days after the purchase the check engine light came on and, surprise, the vehicle needed almost $2,000 in repairs (so much for the mechanic s inspection). You may, at this point, be wondering why I have given this dealership a positive review. Ultimately, they did show excellent character in allowing me to return the vehicle to them and choose another vehicle. There was no hesitation on their part, and they seemed genuinely concerned that I did not have problems with the car.

On another note, be forewarned that they are tough negotiators, but I was able to secure the cash price for the vehicle even though I was financing it. It did help when I pulled out the roll of hundreds that I had for my downpayment (this opened up negotiations quite nicely).

Overall, I would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from this dealership with the understanding that Caveat Emptor applies. I consider it my responsibility to thoroughly examine both the vehicle and every aspect of the deal with both the dealership and the finance company.

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