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Aug 19 2017

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Next programming language?

Best Answer: Scripting languages like perl, PHP, or python are very useful to know just for the sake of simplifying a lot of computer-related tasks. Professionally, they aren t too widely used (though python is becoming increasingly popular and widespread, and PHP is widely used, but like 95% for web apps).

I would recommend learning C. You already know Java, and the syntax is very similar, but a lot of the concepts are significantly different. It s one of the most widely used languages and leaves the door open for doing embedded programming. C has historically been the language of choice for serious hackers (other than assembly). One of the most important things about C, especially for students like yourself, is that it allows (and practically forces) a deeper understanding of what s going on in your program, and even deep inside the processor. Java has everything nicely encapsulated, which is convenient, but doesn t allow for much intimacy between programmer and computer.

Also, I personally would stay far away from C++, but that s just my opinion, I know a lot of people like it. As far as I m concerned, if you re going to do C++, you may as well just do Java and say yourself a lot of headache. C++ was (again, in my opinion) a failed attempt to shoe-horn the object oriented paradigm into an existing language which was poorly suited for it.

Source(s): MS in Computer Eng g, 4 years in the industry.

Brian 8 years ago

With Java knowledge you are in good position.
Next thing you should try to ask yourself where you want to head.

Core technologies like .Net, Java are pretty similar.
learn java implementations i.e.
J2EE (Much broader in scope, will give you an edge)
GROOVY (if you badly want to learn another language)

Other options:
FLEX. it s one upcoming technology, you might well be interested

Also now that you think you know Java, try to understand how much you know. take the SCJP test, this score helps you and you can also justify that you really have learned something.

If you know one language well; it should not be too hard to learn any other language.

hope this helps

Source(s): Have been working on JAVA, J2EE for last 5 years.

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