Sep 6 2017

New Jersey Payday Loans and Lenders (NJ) #quick #cash #loans

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New Jersey Payday Loans and Lenders (NJ)

New Jersey is in a sticky situation. They are caught in the nationwide battle over whether or not to legalize payday lending. Although they have technically abolished it, their laws are not strong enough or specific enough to completely abolish the practice; many businesses have found loopholes to operate through.

Alternatives for New Jersey Payday Lending

If you need a long term solution for your financial troubles, consider using one of our alternative loan programs. Payday loans work well if you are in a temporary cash flow bind, but can add to financial troubles if they are used as solutions to deeper financial troubles. Our credit cards. personal loans. debt consolidation. and credit counseling are better choices for deeper financial issues.

New Jersey Payday Lending Laws

New Jersey is one of the few states that prohibits payday lending with state law. There are several ways to prevent payday lending in legislation: small loan interest rate caps, usury laws, or specific prohibitions on check cashing. New Jersey mainly uses the check cashing prohibitions law to make payday lending illegal in their state.

Although it is technically illegal, some businesses offer small loans in New Jersey by calling interest rates “fees.” By doing so, the evade usury charges. Other companies evade local laws by offering loans over the internet. The only states that have laws specifically outlawing internet payday loans are Georgia, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

Number of Payday Lenders in New Jersey

Considering that payday lending is not legal in New Jersey, there are not any payday lending centers in the state.

New Jersey Unemployment Statistics

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