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Aug 15 2019

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New home search

Your MLS Companion for
New Construction Homes

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Agents Nationwide Love New Home Source Professional

I use NHS Pro daily as my planning guide to start new home searches for my clients and to gain market knowledge not otherwise available in one place.
Steve Rider

I recommend to all associates that they take advantage of NHS Pro. In a competitive marketplace, this is a great tool to service customers interested in new construction.
Chuck Goro

I sell everything, and when I need new homes, New Home Source Professional is my GO-TO! With everything I need right there, why would I go anywhere else?
Trish Corvelli

This site is amazing. I use it every day to keep up with new building codes, floor plans, market changes and much more.
Camille Caserta

New Home Source Professional is the most comprehensive site you can find that offers an expansive list of builders, developers and new homes in my market.
Deo Tolentino

As a recently relocated and newly licensed agent, this site is an invaluable tool for me to locate new construction and learn the new home market.
C.J. Johnson

In today’s market, it’s important to have all the info needed to sell a new home to your buyer. This site gives you that info and then some. I’m impressed!
A. Ron Evangelista

It has always been a challenge to find current information on new homes, but this site is a little bit like the MLS for new homes. It’s fabulous!
Susie Bigelow

This site is easy to use when looking for available new homes in all areas. If a client is looking for a new home, I go here first.
Cindy Calicchio

I really find this site useful when looking for new homes that are not in the MLS – especially quick move-in inventory.
Christine Kourik

As large as my market is and as fast as it changes, this is an invaluable resource. I also appreciate the concise, timely information that is emailed to us.
Brenda Briggs

I would recommend New Home Source Professional to anyone looking to make some extra money referring new homes and signing up our buyers.
Alan Cirson

New Home Source Professional is a great resource for agents and their clients. We will make sure all agents in our office use this new tool!
Bernice Maez

I really like New Home Source Professional. I am always looking first at new homes for my buyers before resale homes. New is always better.
Marilyn Thomen

With all the tools and information on this site, I can sell more new homes and easily interact with my clients to find them the right home.
Teresa Butler

With quick access through my MLS, New Home Source Professional gives me the latest information and data from one easy-to-use site.
Joe Domino

Just sold a new home. New Home Source Professional will make it a lot easier to interface with buyers about available communities and amenities.
Jim Chapman

It’s great to finally have a useful new home site. With the changing market, I plan to use New Home Source Professional often when doing research for my clients.
Scott Cheramie

In a changing market, it is always good to be prepared to sell both new and resale homes. This site is a great resource for helping our clients.
Mike & Sally Liddicoat

As resale inventory shrinks, and with my focus on new construction sales, New Home Source Professional gives me an edge in finding great new homes for my clients.
Thomas Johnson

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