Aug 13 2017

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New driver insurance from ingenie

It’s a great feeling, passing your test, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the end of learning to drive – not by a long shot.

During the first 6 months a new driver is on the road, they have a 1 in 5 risk of crashing. This risk is why insurance for new drivers is often so expensive to begin with.

New drivers can be safe on the road and get affordable insurance

That statistic about 1 in 5 new drivers crashing sounds scary (and it is) but there is something you can do about it. Black box insurance means you have a co-pilot as you start driving alone for the first time, and ingenie drivers have only a 1 in 8 risk of crashing in their first 6 months of driving. That’s a 40% lower crash risk than the national average.

Being safer doesn’t have to mean less freedom though: we don’t have curfews and we don’t give you feedback about where or when you drive – it’s how you drive that matters to us.

Discounts for good driving

ingenie sends you feedback on your driving to help you keep up the good work you did with your driving instructor. If you drive well, you’ll earn discounts on your insurance – up to 21% off over the year.

You get the chance to earn your good driving discounts 3 times a year, so you don’t have to wait the usual year to see the benefit of driving well. You’ll also get your No Claims Discount at the end of your first year if you haven’t had to claim.

91% of our new drivers earn their No Claims Discount after they’ve been with us a year, which is pretty amazing!

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