Apr 16 2018

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What to do when it s time to find a family

Hint: It s not Go look for a nanny job!

Maybe you ve made up your mind and it s time to move on.

Maybe things just aren t working out with your current employer. Maybe you re already working for a family but they just don t need you anymore. Or maybe it s more urgent and you need to change jobs now before you go crazy.

But whether you ve done this before or whether you re looking for your first nanny job, you re at a critical crossroads. How you handle your job search could affect your career for years. Make the wrong choice and you ll end up with a family that s just not the right fit, stuck in a job you hate.

You could try to find a job by looking at internet classified websites, but a lot of employers don t even respond to the nannies they don t want to talk to. What a waste of your time.

Even more frustrating are the ones who seem like the perfect family in the ad and turn out to be very different, or even scary with all these stories in the news, it s getting to the point where it doesn t even feel safe to go on an interview.

Ads that promise the moon but don t deliver Families who wait until they hire you to pile on more responsibilities without any more pay Sometimes it can feel like every job out there is horrible.

So what should you do?

Start by downloading a copy of our free report, How to Land Your Dream Nanny Job. When you read every word of this report, you ll agree there s no easier way to find the perfect family than to leave the searching to us.

We re Colorado Nanny, one of Colorado s top nanny placement services since 2002. We ve built our reputation as the best by consistently matching

How to Land Your Dream Nanny Job

Denver jobsDownload How to Land Your Dream Nanny Job by filling out the form below and clicking Submit. See for yourself how simple, easy and safe it can be to find a rewarding, fulfilling family.

How to Land Your

Dream Nanny Job! Follow these simple rules

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