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Jul 12 2017

Mud Trucks For Sale Celebrates First Anniversary Bridging Mud Bog Community Gap – WDAM-TV 7-News, Weather, Sports-Hattiesburg, MS #oreiley #auto #parts

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Mud Trucks For Sale Celebrates First Anniversary Bridging Mud Bog Community Gap – WDAM-TV 7-News, Weather, Sports-Hattiesburg, MS

Mud Trucks For Sale Celebrates First Anniversary Bridging Mud Bog Community Gap

Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 7:49 AM EST Updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 9:51 PM EST

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Site offers unique platform for fans and participants of rapidly growing sport to come together, publishes

Chicago, IL, United States of America November 25, 2015 /MarketersMedia/

With a growing following throughout North America, mud bogging holds the potential of reaching NASCAR status; in the hearts and minds of fans, this quickly rising sport and pastime has already developed such a reputation. Despite the surge in fame, few websites cater to those in this particular niche. This deficiency in media outlets for fans and participants was the reason behind the creation of the Mud Trucks For Sale website. Founder Siva Kumar has recently announced the site s one-year anniversary.

Kumar affirmed, Mud bogging fans finally have an online haven where they can purchase or sell their vehicles to other enthusiasts who love the sport. For a niche sport with millions of fans in the US and Canada, the lack of websites and blogs addressing these needs is rather sad, but our site is here to fill the gap. Our online platform has passed the consistency test, staying alive with relevant content churned out on a regular basis while linking the tight-knit mud racing community across the North American continent and providing mud trucks for sale.

Mud Bogging is an off-road sport in which mud or monster truck drivers compete by racing through a mud pit or track with the ultimate goal of reaching a destination before rivals. Those mud pits involved present obstacles, and the driver who completes the race first emerges triumphant. Alternatively, if all the drivers succeed, the one who completes the race in the least amount of time is the winner.

Mud trucks are modified pickup trucks or SUV s with extremely large tires, often 60 inches or more. These are specifically designed for driving through obstacle courses. Mud trucks also have modified suspension to accommodate the elevated heights of 4 feet or more created by larger tires.

The sport falls under regulatory bodies such as the National Mud Racing Organization and the American Mud Racing Association, both of which have developed its framework over the last four decades since its official initiation. The two organizations establish standards for the different classes of mud trucks, organize various competitions and racing exhibitions and supervise racetracks across the U.S. and Canada. They also build relationships with sponsors and fan organizations to meet their needs while generally governing the sport.

Operated by blogger Siva Kumar, is a one-year-old blog wholly dedicated to mud truck sales and maintenance tips. The site s singularity lies in the fact very few other websites or blogs focus on the refurbished vehicles at the heart of mud racing. Many enthusiasts have, until now, been forced to restrict their online conversations to social media, which has prevented a widespread thriving community from springing to life.

Mud Truck For Sale is designed to bring this sport to the world with its platform while offering mud trucks for sale. The blog currently lists a number of S-10 Mega Mudding trucks for sale in Georgia, a modified 1976 Jeep CJ5, a Chevy Colorado, a variety of Chevy lifted monster trucks, two K5 Blazers from 1990 in different parts of the country and a rare 1986 Suzuki Samurai altered for the sport.

Concluded Kumar, We display a large selection of mud trucks available for sale on the blog. Due to the nature of the sport, all of these are second hand vehicles recently refurbished to meet the challenges of the bog pits. Clearly, though, our site is more than just an online platform that offers mud trucks for sale; it also acts as an advertising portal for other sellers across the US and Canada and an outlet for participants and fans to come together in one place geared toward fostering their love of the sport.

About Mud Trucks For Sale:

Aimed at bridging the gap between mud bogging and media outlets designed for the community surrounding this sport, Mud Trucks For Sale is slowly becoming the meeting hub of mud truck enthusiasts around the world.

For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info:

Name: Siva Kumar

Organization: Mud Trucks For Sale

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