Nov 16 2016

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Motorhome Campervan Relocations

Many motorhome and campervan companies offer relocation rentals. This involves moving a campervan or motorhome from one of their branches to another. This means a financial saving is passed to customers as campervan and motorhome relocations are often offered at lower rates than standard rentals. If a customer has dropped off a vehicle at a particular location and that is where a you wants to start from, it could translate to good financial savings for you !

In Australia driving distances can be vast and motorhome relocations can represent a good deal for a customer and for the business supplying the vehicle. Logistically and financially, moving vehicles in this way makes perfect sense.

If you need to get from one place to another in a short space of time, relocation rentals are ideal for you. They are not intended for travellers who wish to take their time travelling from one place to another. They are for journeys that are intended to be undertaken in one go rather than stopping off on route. You can build a holiday out of a few one way rentals or simply just do one leg in a one way rental .

Relocation lists are constantly updated so it is always a good idea to check with a provider frequently. Relocations will have set dates to pick up and drop off so checking the time allowance is vital. Motorhome relocations are ideal for many people depending on their circumstances. It is always advisable to enquire whether a vehicle is available from your chosen departure point to your destination. Sometimes, as an incentive, a special deal on a relocation vehicle may be offered to customers such as a free ferry service or free mileage.

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