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May 18 2017

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Car insurance

Our team of industry experts analyse a range of features when determining comprehensive car insurance ratings, including the following, which you should be aware of when choosing a suitable policy:

Loss of keys

If the keys, transmitter or immobiliser key for your car are lost, cover is provided towards the costs of changing the locks.

Child car seat benefits – claims basis

Provides cover towards the cost of replacing a child car seat following an accident, fire or theft. Some policies only provide cover when there is visible damage to the seat, whereas a number will replace the seat even if there is no apparent damage.

No claims discount protection

This feature protects your no claims discount so you do not lose it following a claim. The cover provided is usually subject to restrictions. For example, some policies will allow two claims in a three-year period before reducing your no claims discount.

Windscreen limit

Some policies will limit the amount that will be paid for the cost of repairing or replacing your windscreen.

Car rescue cover

You will get help removing your car from the scene of an accident. Typically there are two types of cover: a ‘cost’ service where you must arrange for the recovery of your car and the costs involved are covered; or ‘service’ cover, where all the arrangements for recovery of your car are made on your behalf.

Repairs guarantee

A repair guarantee is usually provided if the repairs to your vehicle following an accident, fire or theft are completed through the approved repair network. A repair guarantee is typically for three years after the repair.

Transport from scene of accident

If your own vehicle is immobilised following an accident, a transportation service is provided to take you away from the scene of the accident.

Courtesy car

Following an insured incident a courtesy car is provided while your own car is being repaired. This cover is provided as a standard benefit within most policies. However, it may be an optional extension, subject to an additional cost.

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