Sep 22 2016

Military Motorcycle Loans

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Motorcycle Loans for Military Members

Motorcycles offer a certain unrestricted driving freedom that military personnel can appreciate. As the market for motorcycles has soared over the last few decades, so has the number of military personnel interested in owning this form of transportation. Although motorcycles are typically lower priced than cars, they are still a major purchase that most military service members cannot afford to buy outright; this is why military motorcycle loans can be valuable. A military motorcycle loan is an installment loan made available to the military community to help afford the motorcycles and motorcycle related purchases they desire. Here are 4 ways to use motorcycle loans for the military.

1.      Buying New Or Used Motorcycles

The average cost of a new motorcycle hovers around $12,000. Installment loan amounts usually max out at $4,000. Although this does not cover the full price of a motorcycle, it would cover about one-third of the price of a new bike purchase. For many service members, the remainder of the purchase price could then be taken from their monthly military pay. A military motorcycle loan, however, does not have to be spent on a new bike purchase. Plenty of used bikes and classic bikes in great condition are constantly being offered for sale through classified ads and local dealers. With $4,000, members of the military can easily take their pick of stylish, fuel-efficient, and reliable used bikes.

2.      Motorcycle Repairs Upgrades

The major benefit of an installment loan, however, is that what the borrower chooses to do with the money once they receive it is up to their discretion. Therefore, some service members look for military motorcycle loans to afford bike repairs. Like any other means of transportation motorcycles require regular maintenance to keep bikers safe on the road. Typical repairs that an installment loan could be used for include replacing tires, changing engine oil, and break pad replacement. Motorcycle loans for military members can also be used for making upgrades on a used bike. For instance, a popular ergonomic upgrade is to get a customized seat. Such seats are designed to fit the unique frame, weight and shape of the rider for comfortable seating. Windshields can also be upgraded to be the right height for the rider so they can direct how the air flows to prevent discomfort or distractions when riding.

3.      Motorcycle Apparel

Part of the motorcycle experience is having the appropriate gear. Motorcycle clothing worn by most bikers include jackets, vests, boots, and pants, all made from leather. These items may look stylish, but they are also designed to be functional. While riding leather helps to ward off the chill from the wind. The thickness of leather also offers some protection to the body if the rider falls off the bike. The apparel purchased can also differ by the season. During the hot mugginess of summer, jackets with breathable liners to keep the rider cool are preferred. In winter, heated jackets or gloves can help preserve body heat. By using military motorcycle loans for apparel, military members can keep stocked up and afford all necessary apparel.

4.      Motorcycle Safety Equipment 

Another popular method of spending motorcycle loans for military members is to use these funds to buy safety equipment. Although the more compact frame of a motorcycle allows it to whip through traffic and avoid traffic jams, the lack of an exterior frame to surround the body means that without protective gear, even while going at reasonable speeds, serious injuries can occur. The most important purchase is the helmet which protects the rider’s head from bumps, bruises, and damage. For off-road biking, guards shielding the knee and elbow joints from impacts may also be necessary.

Riding on a motorcycle can be an intimate and stress free driving experience. While on the road, the motorcycle driver feels the wind blowing in their face and the sun shining down on their back. For many members of the military who prefer getting on a bike to driving a car, saving money is part of the appeal. Motorcycles are generally more fuel-efficient than cars which results in more miles per gallon and less money wasted at the pump. For active duty personnel, applying for a military motorcycle loan is simple. After answering a few short questions, applicants find out almost instantly if they qualify. Loans are available for those with bad credit and otherwise imperfect credit. With the competitive interest rates on motorcycle loans for military personnel, the dream of owning a motorcycle and fully embracing motorcycle culture is a little closer to reality.

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