Nov 6 2017

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Merged Credit Reports Package simplifies the creation of tri-merge credit reports.

The Merged Reports Package is a companion to the MERit Credit Engine that generates single, double, and tri-merged credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and/or TransUnion.

Because the MERit Credit Engine pulls directly from the three bureaus, the unit cost of the merged credit report is simply the sum of the three reports. Nothing is added for the service of merging them, or for the transaction.

Of more importance may be the savings in development time and cost. The programming for sorting, identifying, and matching tradelines can be a challenge because loan and credit card account numbers are partially masked by the credit bureaus. and company names are often abbreviated differently from one bureau to the next. The Merged Reports Package handles all of this.

Merged Credit Report Flexibility

The Merge Reports Package affords complete flexibility in merging credit bureau datasets. Your program can start with a single dataset and choose whether or not to retrieve and merge datasets from the other bureaus and/or the spouse.

Up to Six-Way Merging!

A six-report merge is possible, comprised of husband and wife reports pulled jointly or separately, from each of the three bureaus.

If a three-bureau merge is always needed, simply design your program to always request and merge all three bureaus at once. The MERit Credit Engine uses multi-threading to give you the best combined turnaround.

Better Output

In the process of merging, credit bureau data is normalized to generate uniform credit information according to open XML standards. Developers of custom decisioning software find this to be a significant advantage, because data from all three bureaus can be handled the same way.

For output, three report text formats are available, as well as XML. To simplify integration, output can be stored into a disk file or routed directly into a database table.

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