Sep 18 2017

Men – s Program – Faith Farm Ministries #recovery #rehabilitation


The men’s program is designed to provide a safe place with all the tools to help a student succeed in their recovery. For example:

We separate persons from elements that have influenced a life of addiction.

Students learn to overcome difficulties in relationships.

Students learn to create boundaries.

They experience consistent growth, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • The stumbling block of poor self-esteem is replaced by learning the truth about their identity.
  • Faith Farm provides a minimum, 9 month, residential program with all needs of the students met. The “free” aspect removes the financial hardship often experienced when making a commitment to recovery. A student is cocooned in a safe, loving environment with a staff that has a “Heart for the Hurting”.. Many of the staff are graduates of from the Faith Farm program. They understand what the students are going through. They have been there and they are motivated to bring the students into the same victorious success that they enjoy. For many, this is the first time in years that they have had an “alarm clock” start of the day with a full breakfast. Then, after a short chapel service, they attend daily classes about causes of addiction, setting healthy boundaries, respect for authority, anger management and personal integrity. Each student participates in our Comprehensive Work Training (CWT) program. This allows a student to learn skills that will make them competitive in the job market. It also establishes healthy work ethics, teaches conflict resolution and creates strong teamwork.

    Lunch is at noon. Dinner is served at 5:00 p.m. Evenings are time for GED, College or CWT classes, reading, recreation or counseling. Staff members live on campus, so no student is without help or guidance at anytime. Students receive help with résumé preparation, complete employment applications, coached for interviews and job searches.

    Upon completion of the program, students are celebrated and given the opportunity to share their story at a graduation ceremony. Some return home to their families as better husbands, fathers, sons and community members. Some choose to stay for advanced studies in the Advanced Programs as an Advanced Student (AS1 and AS2). Omega College. Omega Work and Omega Military are additional options.

    State Photo ID and a US Social Security Card is required.

    You must completely detox prior to being admitted to our program.

    Anyone with any sexual felonies cannot be admitted to our program.

    You must be between ages 19 and 65 and be willing to work at least 45 hrs per week without a paycheck. Your program at Faith Farm is a free program that includes food and accommodations. A work project is part of that program.

    You must be willing to enter into a Church/Work program that is a minimum of 9 months.

    Any medications must be pre-approved. No Psychiatric meds are permitted.

    There are no phone privileges. All communication must be done through letters.

    No electronic devices are permitted (MP3, CD Cassette, Radio, Games, Phone, etc.)

    No shorts are permitted until after 5 pm.

    No jewelry is permitted except for a wedding ring and a watch.

    Hair and beard must be short.

    Shirts must have sleeves (no muscle shirts).

    Shirts cannot have writing, pictures or numbers on them.

    You must be able to sleep on a top bunk bed.

    Visitation starts 30 days after entry and is by immediate family only. (No buddies or girlfriends allowed.)

    Students cannot leave property but will get one 8 hour pass per month.

    Students must attend Church services and take our bible classes.

    Reading material must meet our ministry guidelines.

  • Cars cannot be stored on the property.
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