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Sep 30 2017

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Whether you’re a plastics scientist or engineer, a business owner, marketing/sales expert, or any other professional in plastics, SPE membership can help you advance your knowledge and your career. The information you need to increase efficiency and productivity, develop your career, and add to your company’s bottom line is literally right at your fingertips.

SPE s support of the development of plastics professionals begins at the moment they enter the industry as a student. Undergraduate and graduate students in plastics related fields of study can learn, study and build their professional networks.

Join Online
To Join SPE online, you will need to log in to the SPE website using your SPE User ID and Password. If you have not yet created an online account with SPE, you will need to click on the New Visitor Registration before you can proceed with your membership application.

Join by Telephone
Call +1 203.775.0471 to join by phone with a credit card. You can reach a representative Monday Friday between the hours of 8:00 am 5:00 pm eastern time.


SPE is the perfect place to build your foundation in the plastics industry!

Undergraduate and graduate students in plastics related fields of study can learn, study and build their professional networks.

Members should be regularly enrolled, full-time students in a course of study for a future in the industry.

Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) covers the membership dues for students who are US Citizens, and their primary residence is in the US. Additional regional models to follow soon. Read More

$31 per year

Young Professional

Launch your career with SPE learning, networking, and career-building resources!

Members should be under 35 years of age, but not a Student Member.

In order to qualify for this rate, member s birth date must be furnished.

$99 per year


The “Go To” Plastics Industry Resource for Professionals looking to expand their knowledge, and stand out in the field!

Members should have a professional or academic interest in plastics engineering, technology, science, or in the management of such activities.

$155 per year


An Emeritus member is a member of the Society who has accumulated at least twenty years of membership, and (1) who is either retired from active professional activity and is over sixty-two years of age, or (2) is over seventy years of age.

If you qualify, please call +1 203.775.0471 and ask for a member upgrade.

$31 per year


That was a spectacular celebration. Everything went so smoothly thanks to you and Russ and the SPE staff.

You bring a sense of class and character to the party that shall be missed.

Sherry and I had a great time and we are looking forward to Ghent in October.

Thank you very much for sharing my movie with such a distinguished audience.

I felt like I was showing a family video to my family.
The SPE membership, from Prof. Haas to the loveliest student are truly wonderful.

I hope you have a wonderful hiatus before you plunge back into the technical world

All my best,

Learn more about Leo Hendrik Baekeland and Bakelite at

One of the biggest challenges recent college graduates face is developing the connections in their field of industry. Let s face it the moment we graduate college, we no longer have professors, classmates, or clubs encouraging us to remain involved in activities that develop us professionally.

The SPE offers recent graduates a way to develop and foster academic and professional connections after college. Currently in my 6th year with SPE, the biggest benefit for me has been developing a network of colleagues that share a passion for the plastics and polymers field. With annual conferences and access to a network of professionals, the SPE creates pathways for those new to the industry to flourish. Today s industry is no longer based solely on what you know. It also is heavily rooted in who you know, how involved you are, and what impact you want to make.

My own personal experiences with SPE have enabled me to leverage the resources available, thus helping me to not only advance my own career, but cater my own career to what I want. You choose your professional growth, but organizations like the SPE help you identify and utilize the tools necessary to make this happen.

Matthew Kyle Petterman
Member since 2012

I was active in SPE as a student, and have continued to be as I begin into my professional career. I found the society to be an ever expanding channel were I could build my professional network as a student. As a student member SPE introduced me to many opportunities that I would not have had if I were not a member. As a young professional in the plastics industry I continue to find my member benefits useful. I feel that SPE is a must for all involved in the plastics industry. I believe being an active member of the Society of Plastics Engineers enhances my credibility as a young professional working in the Automotive Electrical Connectors industry.

SPE US Office
6 Berkshire Blvd, Suite 306
Bethel, CT 06801
United States

P +1 203.775.0471
F +1 203.775.8490

SPE Europe and Middle East office
Zonnestraat 52
9600 Ronse

P +32 498 85 07 32

SPE China Office
Gateway Plaza
No.18 Xiaguangli
North Road, East Third Ring
Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100027 China

P +86 10 59231096

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